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Day: December 14, 2015

Will Technology Ruin Mankind?

Will Technology Ruin Mankind?

When the globe was created, there was no technolgogy but yet Guy survived. Guy walked on barefoot and travelled miles: then Guy starts off to realise that it will be considerably better if a person else do the trekking so he can sit and take pleasure in the journey. So Guy starts off to mount donkeys, from donkeys to horses to camels.

When Guy acquired to the river. He questioned how on earth is he heading to cross it, so he construct himself a boat, from boats to ships and he was ready to vacation by means of the atlantic.

Guy realised once more that the horses and camels are like them, they breathe and they can die. Guy was fed up, he requires one thing that are unable to breath but can shift and so he construct a four wheeled device and named it a Motor vehicle. All he has to do was put his legs on the pedal and keep his palms straight on the wheels. It labored, so Guy drived all around city in comfort and in fashion.

As if that was not sufficient, Guy sat on the mountain and view the birds flying substantial in the sky. He envied them, he wished he could be totally free to fly and soar anyplace he want. His wondering acquired the greatest of him, so he construct a flying device and named it AN AEROPLANE.

Guy acquired his desire. Nonetheless it was not sufficient. “It really is time to seem further than your amounts”, He ideas. He questioned and pondered what’s at the other side higher than the sky. His greed acquired the greatest of him and he builds a huge device and named it SPACESHIP. Guy acquired ridiculous and starts off to construct nuts, from nuts to telephones …