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Day: January 11, 2016

Electric Discharge Machines – Technology

Electric Discharge Machines – Technology

Emerging trends in Electric Discharge Machines


Spark erosion is a modern machining technique with a distinct advantage, as a result of which its use is becoming more & more decisive.


EDM continues to be an indispensible technique. Today EDM has revolutionized the way, majority of highly accurate moulds, dies and complex machined parts are being produced. Most enthusiastic EDM users do find solutions to upcoming challenges in metal cutting industry. The ability to machine both hardened steel & carbide parts to highest level of accuracy and superior finish without much operator intervention would have been a dream, when spark erosion came in to existence.


These days EDM is not as an obscure term like it was some years ago, but there are still all kinds of vague statements available.  For years, scholars have done lot of studies on the discharge process of EDM.  A variety of hypotheses have been made but still even now, the differences of understanding the discharge process exist.


It is very difficult to describe such a complex process, of which most parts are invisible and are accompanied by some physical and chemical phenomenon such as sound, heat, light, electromagnetic radiations etc.  Until today, they are neither completely understood, nor computable.  Various theories, mathematical models, about the estimation of gap condition has been put forward, but all are approximations, and whichever manufacturer has approximated the gap condition better, is a leader in EDM field.


EDM is a process where cutting material and material being cut does not touch each other; there is always a physical gap between the two.  Probably this gap, which has created perceptional gap in understanding EDM, so it is also said that EDMing is an Art.   Over a period of last 20 years, many innovative ideas have made the process lot predictable.


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