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Day: January 30, 2016

What Is Write-up Harvest Technology

What Is Write-up Harvest Technology

What is Write-up harvest Technology?

Write-up harvest technology will involve in harvesting, managing, storing, relocating the develop to decrease losses and to retain them fresh new up to the sector.

It’s of utmost critical to manage the freshness or to decrease the deterioration of merchandise from harvesting, marketing and to the time they are eaten.

The enhance in vegetable and fruit production don’t guarantee sufficient provide of excellent quality solution for customer to take in and the grower to provide, due to publish harvest losses.

The percentage losses in vegetable production is from 28 – 42% of the yearly production ( under Philippine issue) due to absence of publish harvest facilities and technology.

This is simply because the Philippines is still lagging driving in publish harvest systems as as opposed to the created nations.

Results in of Write-up harvest losses

1)  Technological – Write-up harvest losses addresses the adhering to causes…

  • Decay or rotting – Vegetable quickly decay or rot when not thoroughly handled, specifically the leafy types. Fruits past a minor for a longer period but they quickly rot as very well.
  • Yellowing – Yellowing largely transpires to leafy greens. For fruits yellowing is a indicator of ripening and later on decay.
  • Wilting – This is common to leafy greens.
  • Softening – Softening is largely common to fruits and some leafy crops.
  • Sprouting – Some root greens when stored for a longer period tends to sprout (e.g. carrots, potato, sweet potato, onion, garlic, etc.)

two)  Non-technological – Write-up harvest losses largely takes place when there is  absence in transportation and storage facilities triggering the hold off of the harvested merchandise.

Non-technological losses addresses the adhering to factors…

  • Transportation – Absence of transportation is a single component that leads to publish harvest losses. Before you undertaking into vegetable production you