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Day: March 1, 2016

Has Technology Taken Around Our Lives?

Has Technology Taken Around Our Lives?

Late very last year, Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak built some interesting statements about our developing dependence on technology.  In this article are a couple quotations from Wozniak, who was speaking all through an celebration at the Computer Background Museum.

“We are dependant on it [technology].  And ultimately, we are likely to have it accomplishing just about every process we can in the entire world, so we can sit back again and relax.”

“All of a sudden, we’ve shed a whole lot of control.  We are not able to transform off our Internet we are not able to transform off our intelligent telephones we are not able to transform off our computer systems.”

“You utilized to check with a intelligent individual a issue.  Now, who do you check with?  It commences with g-o, and it truly is not God.”

Of system, it truly is interesting to hear these remarks from somebody who believed in and served provide about the eyesight of a computer in just about every home (which most individuals considered was nuts twenty five a long time in the past).  So, I wished to choose a minute (and a weblog publish) to consider the job that technology has taken in our day by day lives.

Truly, I would be eager to bet that individuals have been indicating anything similar about technology having about our lives for a very long time.  Each key progress in technology (from the steam motor to the phone, to the car to the computer, etc.) disrupts society’s status quo.  Since we are all creatures of pattern to some extent and are cautious of change, it can make sense that technology which forces us to change our behavior (even if it is to our gain) requires some receiving utilized to and might even deal with a …