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Day: March 29, 2018

M-commerce and its apps

M-commerce and its apps


Dr. (Mrs).R. RAJESWARI, Reader in Commerce,

Sri Sarada Higher education for Gals (Autonomous), Salem -sixteen.


                “Cell Commerce is any transaction, involving the transfer of ownership or rights to use items and expert services, which is initiated and/or completed by utilizing mobile obtain to computer-mediated networks with the enable of an electronic machine.”


 “Cell Commerce is the use of data technologies and conversation technologies for the objective of mobile integration of diverse benefit chains an organization procedures, and for the objective of management of organization associations.”

– Webagency, 2001

Cell Units

M-commerce is not just about utilizing mobile telephones as finish consumer gadgets. The adhering to record provides an overview of diverse forms of mobile gadgets.

  • Cell phone
  • PDA (Particular Digital Assistant)
  • Sensible phone-the smart phone brings together mobile phone and PDA technology into one particular machine.
  • Notebook
  • Earpiece (as component of a own region community)


In comparison to e-commerce, m-commerce features both rewards and cons.  The adhering to record summarises the rewards of m-commerce:

¨      Ubiquity: The use of wi-fi machine enables the consumer to obtain data and carry out transactions any where, at at any time.

¨      Accessibility: Cell machine enables the consumer to be contacted at practically at any time and area. The consumer also has the option to restrict their accessibility to individual individuals or occasions.

¨      Ease: The portability of the wi-fi machine and its capabilities from storing facts to obtain to data or individuals.

¨      Localization: The emergence of spot-distinct centered apps will help the consumer to obtain applicable data on which to act.

¨      Instantaneous Connectivity (2.5G): Instantaneous connectivity or “often on” is getting extra widespread will the emergence of 2.5 G networks, GPRS or EDGE. End users of 2.5 G expert services will …