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Day: May 12, 2018

The Basics of The Palm Pre Linux

The Basics of The Palm Pre Linux

Written by:
Alexandr Dodatko,
Junior Software Developer of Device Team

Apriorit Inc.

Table of content


1. SDK Installation

2. Start to work with Linux

3. Program Installation

4. System foldes review

4.1 Standard system directories

4.2 Specific Directories of Web OS

5. Work with FTP on the Palm Pre

5.1. Data exchage procedure

5.2 Work with console client ncftp



Palm company released ( the new smartphone managed by GNU Linux based operating system. This product becomes more and more popular due to the cute GUI, well-documented SDK and easy start on the development. But nevertheless many low-level features of this system is poorly documented.

This article will be useful for those who start working with the console interface of GNU Linux generally and Palm Web OS in particular. It may be useful also for the developers who need more capabilities than Mojo SDK provides to solve their task.

In this article we’ll consider such questions:

  1. SDK installation and configuration.
  2. Accessing Linux using “novacom” utility. Basic Linux commands.
  3. Installation of additional utilities (sudo, package manager etc.). Configuration of the virtual machine (virtualbox). Installremove packages.
  4. Short description of the system files and directories specific for Palm Pre.
  5. Work with FTP on Palm Pre, review of some files content.

This article is some kind of review.

1. SDK Installation

I used emulator from the Palm Mojo SDK package to research the features of Web OS.

You can download it from the official site:

Or use this link (no registration):

Choose the platform you need on the download page (Fig.1) and then follow the instuctions on the site and in Install Wizard. It’s better to install Java first, thenVirtualBox, and thenSDK. Such order decrease the possibility of errors.

Figure 1: Choosing platform

During the installation the virtual machine for …

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Record of Dell Desktops

Record of Dell Desktops

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