A Overview of Bodyguardz – The Best Gadget Protector?

A Overview of Bodyguardz – The Best Gadget Protector?

We all have a cell phone, ipod, ipad, MP3 participant, or some other gadget or product that we’d like to retain “scrape and scratch free.”

And for a lot of of us, we’d value that protection without the need of owning to settle for a bulky, pocket-stuffing, appear-modifying situation or address that turns our modern product into a thing different fully.

Bodyguardz thinks they have a product that can cope with the activity.

But do they really? I, for just one, believe Yes.

I invested a superior amount of money of time researching different alternatives for my cell phone (a Motorola Droid) and arrived at Bodyguardz.


For just one, the good quality of the movie. I have heard the Cut is greater than other alternatives (it addresses just about everything). It is really also just about indestructible movie. And extremely thin. And life span confirmed.

Second, men and women complain that some competing products and solutions switch yellowish and marginally bumpy, a phenomenon that is referred to as the “orange peel impact.” I haven’t personally found it (I have found pics), but Bodyguardz do NOT do this. The film’s UV resistance helps prevent yellowing and it is sleek, not bumpy.

I also like the point that they appear 2 for each pack and with free transport.

In general Experience

After putting Bodyguardz on my cell phone I can ensure that it is as about as unnoticeable and thin as I could have imagined. I have shown it to a lot more than a handful of men and women who have believed there is certainly very little on the cell phone at all.

“What am I intended to be hunting at,” they ask. I smile.

I showed it to my twelve yr aged niece who replied, “Oh now I see it! But it is not on the sides.” “Yes it is… appear all over again,” I replied. “Oh… great” she returned.

I’m ready to use my cell phone as usual (besides that I now get to place it in the exact pocket as my keys, which I made use of to be adamant about not performing).

Bottom line, if you like the appear of your product and do not want a bulky situation, Bodyguardz is the fantastic gadget protector.


Is implementing Bodyguardz as straightforward as snapping on a tricky situation? No, it is not. But it is not a massive offer either. The approach is a tiny slow (the Droid particularly has a great deal of edges)… but it is rather easy however.

Here is what you do.

  1. 1st, spray your palms with the incorporated soap/drinking water solution… as perfectly as the Bodyguardz piece you’re implementing.
  2. Place the movie thoroughly on your Droid.
  3. Use the squeegee to take away excessive solution or bubbles (if there are any)
  4. Repeat

That is it.

Observe: In July 2010, Bodyguardz is coming out with a product that does NOT use a liquid applicator. So if that problems you, it may perhaps no lengthier be an difficulty.

In any case, if you do not position the piece right exactly where you needed it, just reposition it by sliding it into position. You can also elevate the piece up, give it a spray, and position it again down. The approach is really “forgiving” as the solution makes the movie straightforward to maneuver until it is beautifully put.

Expect the approach to choose about a fifty percent hour (almost certainly significantly less for some non-Droid equipment which have much less surfaces). That may perhaps seem like a prolonged time to place on a situation, but it is very little in the grand plan of issues, and perfectly worth it to keep away from a bulky situation.

Terrific product!!

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