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3 Working Strategies for Securing Your Cloud Hosted Website

3 Working Strategies for Securing Your Cloud Hosted Website

In recent years, many companies have migrated to the cloud throughout the world. Thanks to the benefits and benefits of the cloud, as well as the company’s efforts in all segments and marketing companies to change the cloud as a staple for 2020 and beyond.

However, a recent survey showed something different. It was observed that many companies missed the cloud without giving too much thought to their IT strategy and bearing the biggest burden. As a result, many companies began to “open” or rather return to their safe places. It was found that these companies caused huge data loss without securing their cloud servers. Sounds silly, right? Not only does it sound ridiculous, it’s also sad how companies don’t think of things like this and end up making huge losses for themselves.

With this article, we want to help you make an informed decision with a simple and effective strategy that is useful when choosing cloud hosting in India or migrating from one provider to another. This will help you save costs, maximize cloud hosting in India, and even increase the effectiveness of your website.

  1. Classification of data before transportation

The rule of thumb before migrating or hosting data when setting up the cloud is to classify data as important, semi-important, or unimportant and prioritize your trip to the cloud. Classifying important files gives you an idea of ​​what is really needed in the cloud and which files can be deleted here and there. If files are not sorted or classified, the cost of storing large data in the cloud can be too high.

As noted above, one way to limit these costs is to classify data. When you archive or classify data, you can combine several unwanted files into unnecessary, old and trivial files to facilitate management. In

Ways to Earn Better ROI in Reseller Hosting

Ways to Earn Better ROI in Reseller Hosting

A hosting reseller buys a reseller hosting plan from a hosting company and sells customized hosting packages to clients. To offer Reseller Hosting Services, you don’t need to spend on infrastructure or possess high-level technical knowledge about server maintenance. You need to understand the requirements of your clients, choose a Windows or Linux Reseller Hosting plan and start selling small packages. While the investment is not as high as compared to starting a hosting company, achieving a return on investment (ROI) requires a strategic approach to the business. In this article, we will talk about some ways in which you can earn better ROI in Reseller Hosting.

1. Start Blogging

Once you have launched your reseller brand and managed to sign-up a few clients, you need to spread the word and attract the attention of prospects. A good website and a marketing plan can help you achieve that, but blogging is a cheaper and more effective option. Blogging offers several advantages like connecting with your target audience, highlighting the USPs of the hosting services offered by you, and better SEO rankings. If your blog offers valuable information, your brand awareness might improve. 

2. Initiate a Referral Program

One of the best ways to increase your reseller hosting business is by initiating a referral program. If you have some happy customers, then a referral program might get you good publicity as well as more business. A referral program allows your referring clients to earn some perks in exchange for the referrals. 

3. Brand Image

In today’s times, most brands are vociferous about their services. Also, all brands market themselves and highlight the best features they have to offer. However, customers have evolved too and tend to turn towards other users to learn from their experience of the brand and decide

Ways to Create More Attractive Website to Attract More Visitors

Ways to Create More Attractive Website to Attract More Visitors

If you are involved in an online business, managing your website to be interesting from time to time is an obvious job. To keep the number of your visitors rising, this is just not an easy job to do. Creativity, new ideas, fresh look, eye-catching design and pictures are needed to keep people’s attention. You may need to spend a lot of time doing this thing. However, if you do have a problem in renewing your website and you don’t have much time for that, you can hire an expert to solve your problem. If you want to handle your own problem, you need to know what makes your website attractive. 

1. Adaptive/ Responsive design

In designing a web, today, the most important thing to consider is that it has a responsive design, so that the web functions well both on the mobile gadget or desktop; as we know that people are not only use their desktop to access the internet today. 

2. Typography

Your choice on the font will have a great impact on the look of your website. Be smart and carefully choose the proper font for every page on your website. They may determine your success in this business. if you are confused what type of typography that is good, you can try read typography trends.

3. Fixed Menus and Content

It has become a popular trend today. It helps users to control their page better. 

4. Minimalist Design is preferable

A simple, creative and smart design will give you more space to effectively give direct information and details about your business and products. 

5. Avoid Flash

Adobe Flash had become a standard, years ago. Now, you should move to CSS3, HTML5 or JavaScript for more dynamic result. 

6. Picture Quality and Full Page Background


Factors To Consider Before Venturing into Web Hosting

Factors To Consider Before Venturing into Web Hosting

With the tech landscape rapidly evolving, it has opened up a whole new dimension for aspiring entrepreneurs. Take web hosting, for example. With the increasing need for good hosting services, there is and will always be a strong demand for web hosts. Fortunately, with options like reseller hosting, you can easily start a hosting business with minimal investments. All you have to do is purchase hosting packages from a major hosting provider and resell the same to clients of your own. However, like any other business venture, web hosting reseller also requires proper planning and strategy.

Here’s how you can prepare yourself.

What do you want to achieve?

Innovative technologies have redefined what an entrepreneur can or cannot do. So before you think of venturing into hosting, ask yourself what is it that you want to achieve out of this business? Do you want simply want to earn extra income, or do you want to grow and expand this into a full-fledged hosting business in the future?

Whom are you going to serve?

The next point to consider is your target audience. While you might think that every site owner needs hosting, you still have to narrow down your customer segment so that you can offer the right services. Your audience will also help you determine the kind of hosting capabilities you want to purchase and own. Whether you are targeting startups, or SMEs, self-employed professionals, or local big businesses, you have to set your niche and assess their requirements before you even think of buying hosting packages to resell.

Who’s your competition?

The web hosting landscape sees high competition, especially nowadays. It is essential to know who you are running against. Analyze your competitors, and what they are offering, what plans they are selling more, what kind of audience

5 key reasons to deploy VPS hosting for an enterprise

5 key reasons to deploy VPS hosting for an enterprise

There are different focal points from having a directed VPS for your private endeavour. If you are completely serious about your online business or website, moving from shared hosting to VPS is never again a choice yet it is key for the unfaltering quality and improvement of your business. This is because the difference between shared and VPS is quite huge. It is only after understanding this difference, people deploy VPS. To know more about its benefits, read further.

1. Faster Performance
The load time of a site or application is fundamental for a few reasons. Estimations have exhibited that customers who visit a site will undoubtedly leave (or visit one page just) if the site does not stack in 6-7 seconds. In addition, speed is used by Google as a situating part so having a faster site suggests more visits and fundamentally more customers.

VPS encouraging and especially SSD VPS encouraging can give you better execution and speedier stacking events for your site stood out from shared hosting at a cost that isn’t confined for business people. If you running an online shop, a blog or a corporate website the price for an administered VPS plan for consistently is unquestionably not an astounding cost especially for the execution grabs that a VPS plan can offer you.

2. Adaptability
Another favourable position of VPS encouraging is that it is exceedingly flexible. This infers with a VPS encouraging arrangement, you can change the advantages assigned to your server (for instance CPU, RAM, Disk space) adequately and without downtime.

If you are using a shared encouraging arrangement, you can simply use something like a particular proportion of advantages since you are conferring resources for various distinctive destinations. Similarly, it is incredibly customary for your site to be affected conversely by issues …

Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Online Electricity Bill Payment?

Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Online Electricity Bill Payment?

Electricity has become one of the most essential necessities not just in our life but for industries too. Imagine today’s life without the presence of power is completely impossible and beyond one’s thinking. There is no wrong in saying that the role of electricity has dominated our life greatly. We are completely dependent on its usage be it household purpose, commercial or industrial assuming continuous production without the adequate supply of power is impossible. Knowing such crucial importance of electricity in lives, it is also mandatory to pay hassle-free electricity bill on-time in order to enjoy continuous power supply. Many people take a break from their office in order to stand in a long queue of electricity bill payment, however, smart choose online electricity bill payment and shows how much they show value to their productive time.

Few in the society like to adopt modern changes and this is the reason that the graph of backwardness in India is still constant. However, can’t deny the fact that many people taking the initiative and show their interest to many digital apps like mobikwik, tej, paytm and phonepe so that bill payment can taste the availability of decisions additional offers. But with ‘few’ the vision to see India complete cashless country seems little daunting. There is a need to bring a revolution in the form of ‘online payment’ gateway to the lifestyle of people.

Let’s see how much do you know about online electricity bill payment attributes and clear your doubt:

Do you know the online mode of bill payment saves your time and energy?

Yes, that’s true. Rather standing in a long queue after taking one day of leave from your job doesn’t give a professional sense. Professionalism is something when you play an all-rounder job and don’t hamper your work …

What is the Difference between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting?

What is the Difference between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting?

One of the most important aspects of a successful website is the web host. It is the place where your website resides and includes all files, images, videos, etc. required by your website. Choosing the right web host is a critical step and can impact the performance of your website. There are many hosting types available in the market today viz. Shared hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, etc. It is important to understand the benefits of these hosting types and align them with your site’s requirements to ensure that you get the best host for your website. Today, we will talk about the differences between Cloud hosting and VPS Hosting plans.

What is Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting?

In Cloud Hosting, all the resources required to run and maintain your website are hosted on multiple servers which are collectively called the ‘cloud’. A virtualization layer separates the resources. These servers are connected virtually and offer a reliable hosting solution since there is no single point of failure.

On the other hand, Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is a type of hosting where a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers has dedicated resources like RAM, CPU, etc. and can host websites.

Difference between Cloud hosting and VPS Hosting

Features Cloud Hosting VPS Hosting
Customization The resources required to run your website are spread across several virtual servers. Hence, there is a restricted control over some hosting settings. The virtual server is entirely isolated. Therefore, you have complete root access to your server. This allows you to customize the server environment as needed.
Scalability In Cloud hosting, you can instantly scale resources to manage traffic spikes efficiently. Resource scalability is both cost and time-efficient. Resources are assigned according to your plan. If your
Three digital marketing strategies that work

Three digital marketing strategies that work

The advancements in digital technology haveenabled the role of a digital marketing specialist more vital to the development of modern marketing strategies. The market is awash with robust data which marketers could leverage to further enhance the decision-making process.

Effective digital marketing strategies are smarter and require evidence to complement market activities and enhance competitiveness for businesses. Although there’s no single fix-all strategy that covers everything, here are three of the best digital marketing strategies that work.

Content strategy: Always check and update your SEO more frequently

In 2017, 48% of 1,200 global digital marketers agreed that on-page SEO is still considered the most effective SEO tactic for digital marketing, according to the SEO stats report by Advanced Web Ranking.

Having relevant and informative content drives traffic to your website and social media pages, at the same time increasing your ranking in search engines such as Google.

Recent studies have shown that marketers who actively blog are 13 times more likely to see positive returns on investment while companies generate 67% more leads than those who don’t.

Each new post created is an added indexed page on your website, making it more accessible to customers when searching online. It also tells search engines that your website is active and lets your content compete for ranking in search engine results.

Another study found that blogging also gives voice to brands according to91% of consumers who say they are more likely to buy an authentic brand rather than a generic one.

Customer experience strategy: Opening the gateway for more customers

Technology has always been the frontrunner behind progress and growth in the market and its role in amplifying customer service to improve customer experience and develop customer loyalty.

In this digital age, smart analytics systems can profile a customer through buying …

Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crimes



With the day to day evolution of human head , the modes of committing crime are also substantially altering . Criminals are getting smarter day by day and are applying there minds in this context to dedicate crime and escape with no getting caught. With the introduction of computer systems no one particular thought that it will come to be a mode or supply of committing crime . Charles Babbage who is very well recognised as the father of computer would not have dreamt that the machine he is giving the entire world could come to be a supply of crime and would at any time affect the society in a destructive way.

Any time we chat about cyber crime we can make out that its a thing connected to a wrong  accomplished ended up a computer system is involved .

The phrase ‘cyber crime’ is a wrongly utilized title. This phrase has nowhere been described in any statute /Act passed or enacted by the Indian Parliament. The concept of cyber crime is not radically distinctive from the concept of traditional crime. Both of those involve carry out irrespective of whether act or omission, which cause breach of policies of law and counterbalanced by the sanction of the condition. Nevertheless cyber crimes is a new breed of crimes which arrived into remaining just after the introduction of the computer systems and the state of affairs has come to be far more even worse with the affect of internet in our day to day lifestyle.


 Crime is a social and financial phenomenon and is as aged as the human society. Crime is a authorized concept and has the sanction of the law. Crime is described as “a authorized completely wrong that can be adopted

Very simple But Effective Marketing and advertising: Baidu Lookup Engine Optimization

Very simple But Effective Marketing and advertising: Baidu Lookup Engine Optimization

Marketing and advertising your business enterprise is the most helpful way of guaranteeing that you can enhance up your profits, this is specifically legitimate in a aggressive market place like China. These times you can make the most of the technology that you have and ensure that your marketing and advertising functions can be extra fruitful and end result oriented. A fantastic system that is applied for Chinese Internet marketing and advertising these times is Baidu lookup engine optimization. It is the course of action of obtaining your business enterprise stated substantial on the organic lookup success so that you can access out to the tens of millions of Chinese individuals who lookup for items or companies that you supply.

A good deal of individuals think that Google is the only lookup engine that issues, all other people are just fluff. Even so, it does not hold legitimate in China, most individuals who share this fantasy about only Google have most probably not labored with the Chinese viewers. The actuality is that a good deal of individuals in China only know Chinese and English is alien to them hence Google loses the appeal. They use a Chinese primarily based lookup engine, Baidu and as a result it is important that you decide for Baidu lookup engine optimization alternatively than any other lookup engine in China.

There is a segment that believes that considering that lookup engine ranking preserve on different they are worthless therefore they decide for PPC. Pay out per click on is superior but it is very high-priced even though Baidu SEO is affordable and quite helpful in the lengthy phrase as well. Although you decide for compensated promoting you only get your advertisement shown for the keyword phrases that you select whereby for Baidu lookup engine optimization …