Computer Memory

Computer Memory

Memory, also termed random accessibility memory, or RAM, consist of digital components that temporarily retailers guidelines waiting to be executed by the processor, facts needed by these guidelines, and the results of system facts or information. Memory consists of chips on a memory module that matches in a slot on the motherboard and the system device.

The quantity of memory in pcs ordinarily is calculated in kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes. 1 kB (K. or KB) equals approximately 1000 memory spots and 1 MB equals about 1 million memory spots. 1 GB equals approximately 1 billion memory spots. 1 MB can keep approximately 500 letter-sizing web pages of text information and 1 GB can keep approximately 500,000 letter-sizing web pages of text information.

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The system device on a typical computer consists of numerous digital components, some of which are shown in most computer textbooks.

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