COMPUTER NETWORKS AND INTER Connection OF Personal computers

COMPUTER NETWORKS AND INTER Connection OF Personal computers

We know that  interconnection in between computers  are necessary for the proper operating of a large organisations.Personal computers are interconnected inorder to share the informations in between them..Listed here iam heading to merely describe the requirement of computer networks , advantages of networks and methods of interconnecting desktops.

                                         How to duplicate informations in a computer to yet another?? We can use a CD , pendrive etcetera.. But is these methods feasible for significant transactions of details??

NO…NO. For that, there arrives the networking of desktops.Trade of informations in between desktops is necessary in places of work, lender,exploration facilities etcetera.. Connecting desktops with each other so as to trade informations effortlessly and quickly is identified as Networking.

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                            Strengths OF NETWORKS

A)               Source sharing     

                 Lots of of the peripherals used along with a computer are pricey.When we connect works by using quite a few desktops, we have to connect quite a few peripherals.This  expense is incredibly large .This challenge is solved by networking. Suppose there is only printer with computer A.If we want to print the details from a computer B, which is interconnected with computer A.When we give print command to computer B, it sends the print command along with the details to computer A.So we get print by means of computer A.

                                          We can connect  1 computer to internet by means of phone line and connect other desktops by means of network,share internet products and services obtainable in the computer owning internet relationship.

B)               Centrally Controlled Informations

                     For  some desktops beneath network,there is no will need to duplicate a details to all desktops.Just duplicate the details in 1 computer and it can be available from other desktops in the network.But some of the details could be of private in character.It are not able to be permitted to other people to accessibility that details.Some management methods have to be adopted.There should really be  a facility to choose what information and facts is available by whom and what types of access  legal rights can be delivered.A person is made dependable to prepare and management the desktops in a network in this way.

C)               Protection of Information

                The informations stored in desktops could be lost owing to equipment failure, virus infections etc…Imagine that  a situation  of losing datas of a lender!!!!!! This form of essential informations can be copied to other desktops by means of network.If the informations stored in a computer is lost, the duplicate stored in other desktops will be secure.The network is utilized by defence institutions, lender,software program development organizations, exploration institutions etcetera in this way.

D)                   Media For Interaction

                 There are distinct ways to use network as conversation media. WWW, E-mail,video clip conferencing etcetera are some of the illustrations.As a media, principal gain of networking is that we can share audio,video clip,photos etcetera



                     TYPES OF NETWORKS

Let’s glimpse what are the distinct styles of network, how they can be applied etcetera

If the distance in between two desktops is quick, the network is identified as LAN(Nearby Place Community) The network inside a home , a making or an organisation come beneath the category of LAN

                  The network constituted by connecting desktops at distant regions is identified as WAN ( Broad Place Community).the computers  at 1000’s of kilometer away from each and every other can be member of WAN.They use satellites or optical fibre for information and facts exchange…

                   HOW Personal computers ARE Connected?????

      We know that informations are transferred in between desktops in the variety of bits. There are quite a few media used to transmit this kind of bits..The following are some of the transmission media..

A)    Coaxial Cables

         Computer networks can be materialized using coaxial cables.The informations are transmitted in the variety of electric indicators by means of this cable.

B)     U.T.P Cables

Un-shielded Twisted Pair Cable is a set of twisted paired wires. They are mostly used to layout little networks.They also transmit informations in the variety of electric pulses….

C)    Fibre Optic Cables

Informations are transmitted in the variety of light rays in the fibre optic cables.These cables can transform large sum of details at a significant pace.They are used for developing large networks.

D)    Infrared Rays

Infrared rays are electromagnetic rays with frequency larger than red light.If the distance in between the desktops is incredibly quick, it can be used.But there should really not be any obstruction in between desktops.The gain of this is there is no will need of cables.This medium is not using these days.

E)     Radio Waves

When radio waves are used as the medium, obstructions are fewer impacted to details transfer than infrared..In addition radio waves are greater for networking computer positioned far apart.

               NETWORK INTERFACE Playing cards

                 If a computer is to be attached to the network, a particular circuit board is to be fastened in to the computer.It is the circuit board aids our computer to converse with other desktops by means of the network media..This is identified as network interface card.The cable used for networking are connected in to this card.

                       NETWORK PROTOCOLS

                 All desktops in a network will need not be very same variety.As a result the desktops in the network should really follow sure principles and laws for proper trade of informations..These principles are identified as network protocols.Now widely used protocol is TCP/IP.

                                 IP ADRESS

 Each computer in a network has its have address.If the computer belongs to TCO/IP, the address is identified as IP address.Personal computers are recognized using these addresses for sending and getting informations.

Listed here I just pointed out about simple ideas of computer networking.

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