Flameless Lighter Replace

Flameless Lighter Replace

Not only vehicle, Zippo Flameless Lighter are also in need of care themselves. Zippo lighters need not require the expert to take care of him, but you can take care of itself. One is to replace the fire stone.

Overview of the flint, its function is to provide a spark to the wick zippo usb lighter when ignited. When the Roll is pressed, then the outskirts of the ballpark will rub against the flint and cause a spark. The spark is needed to ignite the oil in the wick zippo lighters to ignite.

Zippo flint or commonly called Flint, zippo can be found in the nearest outlet or online shop. Genuine Zippo flint Flint or the original contains 6 pcs. But I never see at an online shop that sells zippo stone contains 100 pcs (although not original but the quality is not much different) at a price of about 2 times Genuine Flint. So you want to buy where. However, when buying in the online shop will be charged postage. Consider advance to choose and buy flint zippo. For the genuine flint usually starts at 10 thousand rupiah. My best advice when you buy zippo lighters, just buy the stones all the fire in the same store.

For beginners who have zippo lighters usually think the matches jammed, ngadet, and broken, whereas only flint zipponya are exhausted. Well after you buy, you can replace it yourself without needing to ask for help from others in the following way.

1. Prepare Zippo Lighter who want to change the fire stone, Zippo Flint (Flint), and Scissors or it could be with Screwdriver Strip.

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