How to Make Video clip Sharing Website Like Youtube, Yahoo, Google, Myspace, Ifilm, Dailymotion, Metacafe

How to Make Video clip Sharing Website Like Youtube, Yahoo, Google, Myspace, Ifilm, Dailymotion, Metacafe

I really don’t keep in mind how numerous moments my buddies asked me how to make an wonderful website. Nicely it is not an easy matter, but I accurate consider some videos will make your website brightly. I little bit you have viewed these video web-sites like YouTube, Yahoo, Google, MySpace, iFilm, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and many others. But how? How to make a internet inserted with a video? That is a issue.

You will under no circumstances lack of videos, you can download from the website or you have numerous DVDs, you have wonderful videos with all formats. Yeah, really don’t you observe that your videos have various formats, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, RM, MPG, ASF, RMVB, MKV, DAT, OGM, ASX, MJPEG… matters like this. I feel puzzled sometime. Now go back again to the first query, we need to have to insert the videos into the internet, not with these formats. You will under no circumstances insert an AVI file in the internet, due to the fact it is much too significant. You need to have to change WMA to flash. 

This report will introduce you a excellent way to reach this.

Flash Video clip MX Professional can aid you. This software package can change AVI, WMA, and many others. to flash so simply. In fact it can change practically any video formats to flash, and the Professional edition can change DVD immediately. By this wonderful instrument, we can produce FLV, SWF and HTML documents, and the HTML file signifies you have created a internet with videos. Ha, really don’t you imagine it magic? That is not all. It has so numerous wonderful functions:

one, Trim and Crop

We can trim and crop the videos with it you do keep in mind the tedious head leader and tail leader, and letter box. I loathe them, but I can trim now and crop these black matters, or you just want to reduce just one attractive portion. Do it, as you like.

two, Include watermarks

In some cases you make a wonderful motion picture, a grasp work, and you want to show your abilities in internet. Feel about the copyright issue. Why not insert a emblem on your video? Flash Video clip MX can aid you to insert text and image watermark on your video, if you imagine the image sheltered your video you can regulate the clear benefit of the photo.

You also can insert CuePoint, to make a subtitle or some thing else. Yeah, it is wonderful.

3, Blend videos

You like mixed motion picture? In the first second Marlon Brando is still the God father, then Captain Jack appeared, probably you can see bat guy, I guess. Nicely, you can do it. With Flash Video clip MX you can insert videos before or guiding your initial video. That is truly funny (See the crimson element in the photo under). Of system to adjust the route of exported documents, that is easy

4, Include player skin and preloaders

 Ah, do not fail to remember the Flash player, in this software package you can find numerous attractive Flash player skins, outcomes and preloaders. You want to make an MTV? Okay, use MX you can insert some outcomes on your video, like traveling stars or butterflies, then you can switch the initial audio by your favourite song. Failed to I notify you? Yeah, it can adjust the initial audio. Amazing!

Also, we can be far more skilled you want to regulate the profiles and benefit of your video? Do it, you can adjust video codec, little bit amount and matters like it. You can make your own video.

At past, I will instruct you how to embed the SWF file into an HTML web page:

You can code the web page like the next:

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