Inquiries about ROSE (Restorative Obesity Surgery, Endolumenal)

Inquiries about ROSE (Restorative Obesity Surgery, Endolumenal)

What is ROSE?

Restorative Obesity Surgery Endolumenal, or ROSE, is an incisionless, endoscopic surgical process that restores abdomen and stoma sizing to the proportions formerly accomplished soon after initial gastric bypass surgical procedure.

Why did I achieve pounds soon after gastric bypass?

If you have gone through gastric bypass surgical procedure or LAP-BAND® surgical procedure for pounds decline and received pounds, it may perhaps be since the abdomen pouch or stoma has stretched over time. The stoma is the link in between the little intestine and the pouch. Simply because of this stretching, you may perhaps be ready to eat more ahead of emotion full. Elevated food items intake qualified prospects to pounds achieve.

Am I a fantastic prospect for ROSE?

If you have been effective with losing pounds soon after gastric bypass surgical procedure, and obtain oneself attaining pounds, you may perhaps be a prospect for ROSE. Your bariatric surgeon will conduct a clinical screening, a thorough clinical evaluation, evaluate your dietary requirements, and conduct an endoscopy to identify your eligibility for ROSE. Additionally, your surgeon may perhaps recommend dietary counseling.

How is the ROSE process carried out?

The EndoSurgical Functioning System (EOS) works by using the most up-to-date technology to conduct ROSE. EOS is approved by the Food stuff and Drug Administration (Food and drug administration).

EOS depends on a long, slender accessibility system, named the TransPort™, and specialized surgical tools developed to grasp tissue and protected it so your surgeon can insert anchors and sutures. An endoscope is used to support your surgeon with visualization. Your bariatric surgeon inserts he scope and EOS devices by your mouth and into the abdomen pouch, making use of the tissue anchors to develop folds to lessen the sizing and quantity of your abdomen pouch. Simply because ROSE needs no incisions, you will practical experience much less risk, minimized postoperative suffering, speedier restoration time and no fears about scarring.

Is ROSE risk-free?

Right after your ROSE process, you may perhaps be discharged the exact day or may perhaps remain in the medical center overnight. Some people report a moderate sore throat adhering to the ROSE process. Most people practical experience no irritation of any sort.

Next the ROSE process, you will take part in dietary counseling and training, identical to the system followed soon after your initial gastric bypass process. Simply because ROSE is much less invasive than laparoscopic or open up surgical procedure, numerous common surgical complications are minimized. Whilst each and every surgical process exposes a individual to some risk, ROSE is well tolerated by most people. The target of lessening abdomen sizing is effective in supporting you come to feel full again soon after having little amounts, so you can drop pounds.

Preserving a healthful pounds soon after gastric bypass surgical procedure is critical to your well being, lessening or doing away with being overweight-related well being conditions these as Sort II diabetic issues, coronary heart condition, joint condition and respiratory conditions.

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