Motorized Shades – Somfy Vs Lutron – Qed And Sonnesse

Motorized Shades – Somfy Vs Lutron – Qed And Sonnesse

Somfy Vs Lutron – QED and Sonnesse

Somfy and Lutron each present tubular motors for elevating and decreasing interior motorized shades for windows. Lutron sells the motor and shade with each other although Somfy sells just the motor which can be blended with any window shade. Both of those businesses also sell controls (wall switches, controllers and interfaces) that are made use of to run their respective motors.

In the late 90’s, Lutron introduced the QED (Tranquil Electronic Generate) which it paired with its own manufacturer of shades (roller shades mainly). The products created big waves for currently being practically noiseless. This was a typical illustration of redefining the parameters of competitiveness in an industry. Beforethe advent of Lutron’s quiet motors, individuals did not even know that motor sounds level was or would become a factor in their motorized shade or motorized blinds acquire decisions. Only in the final pair of yrs has Somfy (practically) caught up to the QED’s noiselessness. Nowadays, there is even now a difference, but it is instead slight and most individuals do not take into consideration it a deciding factor.

Somfy manufactures two various styles of ‘quiet’ motors an AC run version (ST50) and a far more not long ago introduced DC run version (ST30). Lutron’s QED Motors are all small voltage, DC Motors. The difference in between AC and DC electricity is that the former is substantial voltage although the latter is small voltage. AC Electric power is the exact same as the electricity received from plugging a twine into a regular wall outlet. Low voltage is run by that exact same outlet but the twine has a transformer (consider of a mobile cellphone twine or a computer electricity twine with their boxes on the plug on in the center of a twine – that is a transformer) and lessening or ‘knocking down’ the substantial voltage electricity received from the outlet to small voltage electricity. A primary motive that DC electricity is important is that less developing code problems come up and no electrician is demanded for wiring small voltage run methods. Absent an electrician, wiring expenditures and occupation complexity are each substantially lessened.

The QED is out there in a few various measurements termed the QED64, QED100 and QED225. The range presents a tough gauge of the square footage of cloth that the motor is developed to raise. For illustration, the QED64 can raise a shade up to 8 ft x 8 ft, the QED100 can raise a shade up to 10 ft x 10 ft and the QED225 can raise a shade up to 15′ x 15′ – this dimension motor is only extremely almost never demanded for household programs. These are approximations only, in the discipline, these motors are recognised to in fact raise far more than these numeric values indicate. The dimension of the motor has an effect on its diameter which establishes the diameter of the tube that the motor employs. Lutron’s QED64 employs a 1 5/8″ tube, the 100 employs a 2 ½” tube and the more substantial 225 employs a three 1/2″ tube. Tube diameter is important mainly for pinpointing how extensive motorized window shades can be devoid of bending (deflection). A bent tube implies that cloth will not roll up effectively. The cloth will sag resulting in creases- this is not appropriate. Thus motor dimension is as significantly about shade width as it is about lifting capacity.

Somfy’s quiet motors, recognised as the Sonnesse line, also use various tube measurements. The ST30 employs a 1 1/2″ tube, the ST50 can use both a 2″ or 2 1/2″ tube*. The lifting capacity of the ST50 falls somewhere in between the 100 and 225. For extremely huge programs, Somfy has more substantial motors, but to date, they are not in the Sonnesse (quiet) products line. It is extremely uncommon that a motor more substantial than an ST50 is needed for interior programs. This is true even if several shades are pushed by a one motor.

Both of those the QED and Sonnesse motors have confirmed to be responsible solutions for motorized window shades and each appear with 5 12 months warranties.

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