Nike Marketing Audit

Nike Marketing Audit

Company Description

Phil Knight experienced a good idea. However, he could not feel a person hadn’t offered this idea in advance of. He was quoted as saying, “[It can be a single of all those] you might be-mad-it-will-by no means-operate-or-a person-would-have-presently-performed-it concepts.” (Nike Heritage, 2007) A middle-distance runner at the University of Oregon, Knight skilled the want for minimal-price tag, large-tech athletic footwear.

In the early 1960’s, German footwear experienced dominated the United States industry and Knight comprehended the availability of industry penetration. With minimal competition existing, the issue of rising was minimal to fear about. He assumed importing shoes from Japan would outcome in a large degree of competition. Hence, his idea offered itself. Ahead of Knight could spring his idea into action, he experienced to formulate a strategy of business enterprise.

The initially matter he did was place forward the idea to famous University of Oregon Head Observe and Discipline coach, Bill Bowerman. Bowerman was recognised for preaching to his athletes about getting aggressive gain in their bodies, in the way they ran, and yes, in what they wore on their toes. As a result, Bowerman cherished the idea. The up coming stage for Knight was to get samples of the long run product and analyze the options. He met with representatives of a Japanese shoemaking corporation, Onitsuka Tiger, and introduced back again many samples to Bowerman. “A 7 days later, Bowerman and Knight formed a partnership.” (Nike Heritage, 2007)

The newfound partnership led to the emergence of a minimal corporation recognised as Blue Ribbon Sports activities. As soon as the corporation started importing shoes from Onitsuka Tiger and selling them at local large college monitor activities, the two partners speedily designed new concepts to enhance Onitsuka Tiger items. Bowerman was constantly building new methods to enhance the present-day styles. As soon as all over again, Knight introduced forward another resourceful business enterprise idea. He wasn’t delighted with Bowerman’s encouraging market new styles for Tiger, when they could use these styles to enable additional their have investments. For that reason, the new styles led to the emergence of a new corporation. Nike was born. No for a longer period named Blue Ribbon Sports activities, Nike speedily grew. To enable promote additional growth, Knight and Bowerman shook arms with Jeff Johnson and Steve Prefontaine, two runners like Knight who could present plenty of considerate layout. Johnson was credited with naming Nike and Prefontaine, who became a single of the most admirable distance runners the United States has at any time observed, was credited with being the initially athlete to have on Nike shoes.

From November 30, 1978, when Nike officially started its premise, right up until now it has grown exponentially. Created as a footwear distributor, it now not only distributes but also develops and styles athletic footwear, attire, and lots of other athletic add-ons, such as sport devices. Its product line at this time is composed of shoes created for managing, teaching, basketball, soccer, and even children’s shoes as effectively as sport-inspired urban footwear. In addition, Nike marketplaces shoes created for baseball, lacrosse, football, cheerleading, volleyball, walking, skateboarding, wrestling, and other athletic utilizes. Moreover, “Nike sells a line of general performance devices under the Nike model name, such as baggage, socks, sport balls, eyewear, timepieces, digital units, bats, gloves, protecting devices and other devices created for sporting activities things to do.” (NYSE Euronext, 2007) Following passing competitor Adidas in industry share in the late 1970’s, Nike has come to be the world’s biggest shoe and sport outfits provider.

Nike, Inc. is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, not significantly from the place Knight and Bowerman as soon as met. However, Nike’s growth has permitted it to develop globally and broaden its site foundation tenfold. In modern estimates, Nike has more than 29,000 personnel functioning in 180 international locations about the globe. As of now, Nike facilities protect six of the seven continents. The organizations close to Nike, such as its “suppliers, shippers, shops, and service suppliers employ close to 1 million folks.” (Nike Company Overview, 2007) As you can see, Nike has grown substantially more than the final couple a long time and at this time connects with lots of folks and locations.

As a shoe and attire provider, in purchase for Nike to be successful, it has to constantly adapt to shopper behavioral changes. Nike has performed just that. Nike reaped massive gains from athletic shoe income but with competition rising, it wasn’t very long in advance of Nike expanded its enterprise. To improve its hold on industry domination, Nike attained out and grabbed many new traces of athletic items. They obtained new organizations such as Cole Haan, which sells gown and casual footwear Nike Bauer Hockey, which sells skate devices for in-line, ice, and roller hockey Hurley Worldwide, which sells athletic attire for snowboarding, browsing, and skateboarding and Converse, which sells athletic and casual footwear, add-ons, and attire. Including the likes of these organizations to its family has resulted in a very optimistic status for Nike. They are recognised for providing extremely large quality athletic items to buyers worldwide. They have responded to shopper demand and ultimately keep on being successful in the at any time-modifying globe of sport.

Right now, Nike has also responded very effectively to the evolvement of the worldwide world-wide-web. Their webpage,, is a single of the most frequented and searched for web-sites. They present hyperlinks to trader relations, news about the corporation, and facts on work chances in the business. Far more importantly, they industry their endorsed athletes with specialized commercials and adverts starring these athletes. But most importantly, by way of their website you can lookup for Nike items, obtain, and set up particular shipping alternatives. Nike has arrive a very long way due to the fact their founders sold its shoes out of the back again of their cars. They have tailored properly to the at any time-shifting industry and kept up properly with the fast technological revolution. They have created a name for on their own, which thousands and thousands of folks have experienced the option to encounter. Nike: “the Greek personification of victory.” (Term Details, n.d.)

Business enterprise Mission

The Nike mission: “To deliver inspiration and innovation to just about every athlete in the globe.” (Nike Mission, 2007) This mission assertion was derived from a Bill Bowerman estimate in which he explained, if you have a human body, you are an athlete. Hence, from the mission you get the feeling that Nike’s target industry has no limitations. In switch, it’s risk-free to say that Nike has acted upon that mission, and these days has come to be the world’s biggest retailer of athletic footwear and attire. But for Nike, gains usually are not just about anything. The working day Knight and Bowerman shook arms, they promised to guide a corporation “with integrity and a commitment to the highest moral requirements.” (Corporate Governance, 2007) Their target on mixing innovation and integrity has resulted in an enterprise growth only entrepreneurs can desire of. But as you would be expecting, the Nike enterprise didn’t evolve overnight and neither did its mission. In the late 1990’s, Nike experienced different plans. Its mission assertion then browse, “To increase gains to shareholders by way of items and companies that enrich people’s lives.” (Mission assertion, 1998) Nike by no means lost sight of its initial commitment of supplying integrity they just extra a little bit of income-orientation. But just as speedily as Nike grew, so did its shift back again to the shopper. That is the place Nike stands these days.

Marketing Aim

Nike’s advertising and marketing objective is to set up worldwide dominance but preserve the model impression. Nike has positioned itself as a provider of effectively-created footwear for all those seeking a aggressive gain. “Nike lures consumers with a advertising and marketing tactic centering about a model impression, which is attained by a distinct brand and the advertising and marketing slogan: Just do it.” (Nike, Inc., 2007) In purchase to realize its objectives, Nike sets plans of attainment. For case in point, in 2004, Nike set out to “improve its industry share in the Asia Pacific location from 26% to 30%.” (Strategic Evaluation, 2000) To execute such an objective, Nike would usually make an advertising and marketing campaign that would assault the specific target industry it was addressing. Moreover, Nike would either flood the targeted location shops with its items or open up a single of its outlet outlets. With contracts with more than twenty five,000 shops, so significantly Nike has performed effectively reaching its plans of worldwide supremacy.

Nike’s money projection:

The information shows that at this time Nike experienced 8%-9% growth rate in revenue for final a few yrs and will ready to achieve sixteen billion on revenue for 2007. Compare to the 12% growth rate of revenue throughout 2004-05, Nike experienced endured from the economic downturn of experienced footwear industry. Nike predicts that corporation will preserve a lot less than 10% revenue growth rate for up coming four yrs and hopefully will achieve 18 billion at 2008. Nike will have seven.1 billion gross gains 2007 and elevated 8% assess to final yrs. In internet money section, Nike elevated its internet money from 1.4 billion to 1.5 billion from 2006 to 2007 and will achieve two billion at 2011. In 2006, Nike experienced a destructive dollars movement about $-433.9 million, and in 2007 it deliver optimistic dollars movement about $902.5 million. For just about every 4 yrs of Nike’s operation, it will encounter a single yr that has destructive dollars movement in corporation operation. Nike predicts that the up coming yr, which will have destructive dollars movement, is 2010.


Nike is a very aggressive business. Phil Knight (Founder and CEO) is often quoted as saying that ‘Business is war without bullets.’ Nike has a nutritious dislike of is competition. At the Atlanta Olympics, Reebok went to the expenditure of sponsoring the games. Nike did not. However, Nike sponsored the best athletes and attained worthwhile protection. Nike has the capabilities to constantly remain a single stage a head of their competition. Dominating twenty% of the industry, Nike is ready to progress without placing a lot fear on the other organizations in the industry.

Nike has no factories. It does not tie up dollars in buildings and producing employees. This can make a very lean business. Nike is strong at exploration and advancement, as is evidenced by its evolving and revolutionary product array. They then manufacture wherever they can create large quality product at the least expensive achievable selling price. If prices rise, items can be created far more cheaply somewhere else (to the identical or superior specification), Nike will transfer creation.

Nike is a worldwide model. It is the number a single sporting activities model in the Entire world. Its popular ‘Swoosh’ is quickly recognizable, and Phil Knight even has it tattooed on his ankle. Retailing in more than 140 international locations, Nike has the capabilities to industry and formalize their items for every single section of the globe they sell in. In 2006, income have been in truth better in Europe and Asia, than in the U.S. (Stepankowsky), proving that the global influence is a important benefit to the corporation.


Nike does have a diversified array of sporting activities items. However, the money of the business enterprise is however heavily dependent upon its share of the footwear industry. This may well go away it vulnerable if for any purpose its industry share erodes. If the industry of sporting activities shoes is at any time observed in a rut, Nike could just take a sufficient revenue loss.

The retail sector is very selling price sensitive. Nike does have its have retailer in Nike Town. However, most of its money is derived from selling into shops. Shops have a tendency to present a very similar encounter to the shopper. Can you inform a single sporting activities retailer from another? So margins have a tendency to get squeezed as shops try out to move some of the minimal selling price competition force onto Nike.


Solution advancement provides Nike lots of chances. Its homeowners whom definitely feel that Nike is not a fashion model fiercely defend the model. However, like it or not, shoppers that have on Nike product do not constantly invest in it to take part in sport. Some would argue that in youth lifestyle especially, Nike is a fashion model. This produces its have chances, due to the fact product could come to be unfashionable in advance of it wears out i.e. shoppers want to substitute shoes.

There is also the option to establish items such as sport have on, sunglasses and jewellery. Such large value objects do have a tendency to have connected with them, large gains. Nike has begun to exploration into the accessory aspect of the sporting activities globe. With such a extensive variety of marketplaces to get included in, Nike has the option to diversify their product traces thoroughly.

The business enterprise could also be formulated internationally, developing upon its strong worldwide model recognition. There are lots of marketplaces that have the disposable money to shell out on large value sporting activities products. For case in point, rising marketplaces such as China and India have a new richer generation of shoppers. There are also worldwide advertising and marketing activities that can be used to help the model such as the Entire world Cup (soccer) and The Olympics.


Nike is exposed to the global nature of trade. It buys and sells in different currencies and so charges and margins are not steady more than very long durations of time. Such an publicity could signify that Nike may well be producing and/or selling at a loss. This is an problem that faces all worldwide makes.

The industry for sporting activities shoes and garments is very aggressive. The model formulated by Phil Knight in his Stamford Business enterprise University days (large value branded product manufactured at a minimal price tag) is now typically utilized and to an extent is no for a longer period a basis for sustainable aggressive gain. Opponents are producing alternative makes to just take absent Nike’s industry share.

As talked about above in weaknesses, the retail sector is getting selling price aggressive. This ultimately means that shoppers are procuring about for a superior deal. So if a single shop prices a selling price for a pair of sporting activities shoes, the shopper could go to the shop along the road to assess prices for the accurately the identical merchandise, and invest in the less expensive of the two. Such shopper selling price sensitivity is a potential exterior risk to Nike.

Marketing Tactic

Nike’s target industry tactic is to provide attire and athletic shoes by way of a favorable model impression. The model impression depends on their distinct brand and the advertising and marketing slogan, “Just Do It.” In purchase to preserve this impression, Nike utilizes extensive investments in model marketing and advertising and marketing. They do this mainly by way of the marketing things to do such as product sponsorship with specialist athletic teams, superstar athletes, and lots of school athletic teams. Nike delivers creation for a extensive wide variety of sporting activities.

The advertising and marketing tactic begins with the product. The starting up point for the advertising and marketing mix is the product supplying and product tactic (p. 48, Lamb).  In the situation of Nike, the product is a tangible good, such as shoes, attire, and add-ons. Nike is viewed as to sell shopper items. Purchaser items are bought to fulfill individual’s particular would like (p.284, Lamb).

In an endeavor to improve gains, Nike linked up with Apple to make a product that put together the two firm’s awareness and electrical power. Together, Nike and Apple designed a sneaker that holds an iPod Nano. This campaign is titled “Tune Your Operate.” The iPod can monitor training information and submit the information onto a website the place the athlete can monitor and assess the date later. The facts captured involves the miles operate, the speed, and calories burned (Gibbert). Apple’s iTunes also hosts a Nike Sport Audio shop that is comprehensive of recommendations by specialist trainers and athletes (O’Malley). The introduction of this new product has the potential to achieve a extensive wide variety of folks and a mass amount of money. By teaming up, the two companies’ have designed an nearly tremendous product, bound to dominate.

Nike has prided on their own by providing the most up to date and revolutionary styles for their shoes and attire. The folks at Nike are consistently bringing forth new concepts and constantly functioning on product advancement. Their items not only target on layout but performance. As human potential evolves, so do their items ( They have been committed to create products of just about every make, model, and human body dimensions. At Nike headquarters, far more than thirty females and males operate with each other in building new concepts and styles. They collaborate with designers to deliver industry items that just take athletic general performance past the up coming degree (

At Nike, the product researchers target on a few main places, greedy the key principles and plans of the corporation. By acquiring conditions and types of study for every single product, Nike can guarantee that their items are keeping dependable with their plans and mission. The a few types are biomechanics, physiology, and sensory/notion. By such as all a few places in their scientific tests, Nike can make particular that their items will involve the qualities they and the customer’s value as crucial.

Nike is constantly on the lookout for product extension. Recently in 2007, Nike obtained Umbro, a British attire, footwear, and sporting activities devices corporation. Nike observed football as an crucial growth group and observed that the acquisition would appreciably develop Nike’s worldwide leadership in football (Casey). By acquiring Umbro, Nike is not only extending their presently established product line, they are also making it possible for the functionality to establish their global marketplaces.

In another partnership endeavor, Nike has released a new basketball shop with Foot Lockers termed “House of Hoops,” in an endeavor to show how U.S. athletic shops may well sustain the desire of buyers (Cheng). Below, consumers are ready to obtain specialist participant exclusives and other objects. Nike and Foot Locker with each other have designed a location for the basketball shopper. Their goal is to open up up a hundred outlets in the up coming a few yrs. At these outlets are partitions of sneakers that showcase specialist athlete’s shoes. There is also a t-shirt bar, which makes it possible for consumers to customize their buys with local styles.

In addition to the many extensions of Nike, a single of the most crucial product developments to Nike is the customization of their items. Nike has created it far more obtainable and less difficult for mass customization. From shoes to attire to add-ons, a purchaser has the functionality to customize nearly just about anything that they obtain. This is crucial mainly because it makes it possible for consumers to be far more included and achieve what they truly want from the obtain.

Nike is sold in more than twenty five,000 shops in the United States and is in more than 140 international locations. They sell internationally by way of impartial distributors. Nike owns facilities in Oregon, Tennessee, North Carolina, and The Netherlands. They operate leased facilities for Niketown and NikeWomen retail outlets. There are more than 200 Nike Manufacturing facility outlets and more than a hundred income and administrative workplaces ( Potent income in Europe and Asia make up for the slower growth in the U.S. (Stepankowsky). The global industry is very crucial for Nike mainly because their extreme product differentiation focuses on sporting activities that vary throughout the globe.

Niketown’s common 30,000 square toes of selling room. Nike has been functioning Nike Manufacturing facility Merchants about the globe due to the fact 1984. Nike also provides on-line buying of shoes, attire, and add-ons. Nike’s US distributions centers dealing with footwear are found in Oregon, Tennessee, and New Hampshire. Attire and devices items are dispersed out of Tennessee, Oregon, and California. Nike also has lots of subsidiaries that involve Converse, Cole Haan, Nike Golfing, Nike Bauer Hockey, and Exter Models Team.

Nike can make massive investments in advertising and marketing and model marketing. The marketing things to do involve agreements for product sponsorship with specialist athletic teams, superstar athletes, and many school athletic teams. They also use the world-wide-web to market their model name and items by updating their website regularly and building it interesting, a Fb profile, and scaled-down web-sites designed for distinct sporting activities. Nike also has established a single the most effectively recognised logos and model slogan. The Nike swoosh is regarded worldwide. The slogan, “just do it,” can also be regarded globally and when read, folks mechanically think of Nike and their items.

Celebrity endorsements involve effectively-recognised athletes such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. Nike is constantly on the lookout for folks/athletes who are not only good at their sport but optimistic purpose styles in the group. Getting these optimistic purpose styles encourages a strong optimistic impression for Nike. Nike is beginning to use not only athletes but also anybody who is optimistic and constructive in their group to market their items. Recently Nike signed a tattoo artist, Mr. Cartoon, from Los Angeles who is viewed as a single of the greatest artists about. He has created and designed 6 traces of restricted version shoes for Nike. His shoes styles are ready to attractiveness to a extensive wide variety of folks mainly because of the diversity in styles.

One particular important marketing tactic that has been very powerful for Nike is the use of interactive and world-wide-web advertising and marketing. Nike is using gain of the world-wide-web as a medium for commerce, model extension, romantic relationship developing and dialogue starting up (O’Malley). Nike has not too long ago designed a Fb profile to join with the generation y industry team who are constantly applying the Fb community. Nike can update their consumers about new items and hold them educated of activities and points that are heading on with the corporation. “We constantly get started with the shopper and then glance for the greatest methods to join with them,” says VP of worldwide model, Trevor Edwards (O’Malley).

Nike items do have a tendency to be far more high-priced for their industry of sport shoes and attire. But the prices mirror the quality of the items and the encounter when paying for. Nike prides on their own on providing their consumers the encounter that they want and be expecting when paying for items. Their large quality items mirror the exploration and interest Nike applies when building their products. Nike not too long ago created a deal to sell its Starter footwear and attire model to Iconiz Manufacturer Team. This deal signals the sneaker giant’s transfer absent from the minimal-conclude industry (Casey). Nike would like to separate on their own from the Wal-Mart varieties. By shifting absent from the minimal-conclude industry, Nike can continue their model impression of large-tech, general performance pushed and special items.

Nike seems to be at all factors of the advertising and marketing mix when building and creating their extensive wide variety of items. A good deal of exploration and time goes into the items to guarantee that they are creating what the consumers’ want. Nike says that a single of the most crucial points they want to make is an encounter. “The encounter is crucial mainly because it’s section of the emotional link. Individualism is very crucial to today’s shoppers. The Nikes of the globe are beginning to understand you want to just take the items to mass and to be ready to customize (Cheng).”  Nike can make confident to remain a single stage ahead of the industry and carries on to provide what the shopper would like and expects.


In purchase to permit Nike to preserve and mature its 30% of industry share on footwear industry in long run, it is essential that Nike really should continuous to hold functioning on 4 Ps—price, marketing, area and product.

In selling price, Nike really should target on the will of shoppers that want to obtain variable financial items on footwear. To help that advancement, Nike can supply to the full segments that want low cost and quality items. Given that China and other East Asia international locations engage in an crucial purpose on the worldwide shoppers industry, Nike is on the lookout for a way that present less expensive and quality footwear product to folks of all those international locations can afford to pay for. 

In placement, Nike options to open up up far more outlets and franchise to achieve optimum buyers and targeted purchaser in purchase to develop very long term Nike buyers. Given that far more and far more business enterprise is accomplishing on-line, Nike really should develop their contribution channels toward e-commerce and on-line advertising and marketing.

In marketing, Nike has to however strength its Swoosh model to catch full demographic for their sporting activities desires. Nike has some important competition like Adidas and Reebok who have identical quality and pricing tactic. They are able to just take control Nike’s footwear industry shares if Nike fails to preserve it. To contend with them, Nike has to continuous put in its added revenue for sponsorship, sport event and advertising and marketing and maintains its visibility in the eyes of shoppers. Because a single of Nike’s pros on the footwear industry is its unique and modern layout of sport shoes, it constantly desires the suggestions from buyers. In Nike’s long run strategy, the desires to converse far more with our shoppers and get their suggestions on our product will be our largest long run concern on customers’ fulfillment. It is essential that Nike utilizes its consumers’ suggestions to make far more at ease and less expensive shoes for diversity of consumers.

In product, Nike desires to arrive up new layout concepts for variable shoppers and customize unique sport product for different age, gender and cultural history shoppers. Presently, there are massive demands for designer sportswear especially for females and youngsters.  People can take a look at and layout the design of shoe they want to have on and supply to people’s house. Also, Nike options to product far more inexpensive but quality ensure shoes so mass can afford to pay for.

Nike’s mission is, “To deliver inspiration and innovation to just about every athlete in the globe.” (Nike Mission, 2007) According to them, an athlete is anybody who has a human body. It can be concluded then, that Nike’s goal is to inspire and innovate just about every person in the full globe. This mission assertion pushes the limitations of the corporation and proves the amount of money of exertion and electricity Nike expects from their personnel. Although the mission of Nike may well seem unreachable, Nike has realized every little thing in their mission assertion so significantly. Nike is consistently motivating folks throughout the full globe and constantly doing with their items, so dwelling up to their term.


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