Tag – Rotation

Tag – Rotation

I am by much not a whole time SEO specialist but over the earlier couple of yrs I have uncovered that benefits are centered on adjust, and adjust tends to make your website surface fresh every time it is re-indexed. At this time my corporation Blue Mild Labs has resolved to take on JOOMLA as it really is backend striped down SEO program as much as we have searched for a good open source CMS program JOOMLA has appeared to be the most strong and has a fantastic neighborhood connected to it. Employing modules mambots and xml config documents we have commenced to make a plug-in exclusively to SEO a CMS web-site. Down below are a couple of notes we had came up with prior to starting up the job.
I believe if we split it down into profiles and individual website page inserts it should not be tough to place with each other – Of system this may well transform out to be much more operate and time in the quick operate but permit the SEO specialist to dig operate their magic. SEO Admin Resource – The much more we can automate the internet web-site, the sweeter this
detail could be!
1. Considering that quite a couple of web sites like Bluelightlabs.com have a PR four-three index documents in particular directories we will need to obtain a way to mimic or swap them in Joomla, so manage over filename and directory will help save the outdated web sites PR inbound links. For example urls like http://www.bluelightlabs.com/little_content3.html or http://www.bluelightlabs.com/little_content2.html are dreadful doorway web pages but PR is centered on index and file placement not just the domain by yourself – we could arrange hyperlink 2. Have the web sites 404 website page repopulate itself with new inbound links the moment a new website page or neighborhood hyperlink is defined – I believe this is a excellent fix for broken inbound links that we would if not be penalized for.
three. Just about every time any website page is refreshed, it would be wonderful to operate by the pursuing conditions: these conditions could be setup as profiles that are assigned to many dynamic or static reas.
four. Just about every time a static website page or hyperlink website page is added the sitemap.xml could be updated as well as its many homes
I feel adding four small 2px by two hundred pix virtually history visuals to the header that are linkable as well as alt tag-capable would aid a good deal. Letting hidden scripts in the physique tag is also useful – for example supplying a consumer with good Google Analytics information and facts.
Every time a website page or information is added we could also have a script operate the Google custom research and re-index the web-site as everybody knows GOOGLE loves GOOGLE
All neighborhood inbound links need to have the whole url http://www.bluelightlabs.com/ –
www and trailing slash.
In the header adding a w hyperlink directly to http://en.wikipedia.org
up coming to the initial target phrase in the header – It worked magnificent with
http://www.drapeaugroup.com adding the small w hyperlink to
this hyperlink references the main term in the phrase that is focused.
The pursuing meta would be a good template to make in dynamically:

– phisical position of small business could be a variable when optimizing neighborhood
web sites
– place title
– main website page matter
– date modified tag
– make ajustable for index and default to 14 for all other
– language
– get rid of Microsoft junk

– this is what the DMOZ looks at
Becoming capable to manage the header and footer as well as graphic ALT tags may well be a function particular to the website page and not the profile assigned to it.Developing an car-linking profile that can assign inner inbound links to phrases actually located in the information would be a gain.
Other points on the would like checklist
In the information I have located that randomly scattering and underline tags
around the big target phrase for the web-site appears to aid greatly.

Hope this aids everyone

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