TagPredict Biz is the highest level of TagPredict, a social media trends tool, and it has several unique features:

  • Open search of hashtags names, growth, trend
  • Hashtags analytics which are built on live data
  • Ability for the user to advertise to specific hashtags users
  • Adverts full analytics

Installing TagPredict Biz

TagPredict Biz is part of the TagPredict website at http://www.TagPredict.com

Got to the website, and click the blue “Login” button in the right top corner of the screen:


Facebook will take you through the login process where you need to approve TagPredict. TagPredict are quiet good and just ask for your name and Email address – they don’t ask to post on your behalf on Facebook. You do not need to provide any personal details. Once you finish the login process, you are redirected back to the website where you will see your name in the left side and a thin orange menu:


Search for Hashtags

Click the “Hashtag Search” on orange menu:

And enter the word you want to search for in the search box – you can but don’t have to add the hashtag sign “#”. Click “enter” to search or hit the search button. The search results will then follow on the screen:


Hashtags Analytics

To view a hashtag’s full graphs and data, just click the hashtag name in the search results screen. You will then get a large graph of the hashtag propagation, a list of all recent URLs in which it appeared, the top domains was used, and the speed of growth over the internet and other data:


Hashtags Adverts            

To enter this feature, click the “Ads Manager” link in the orange menu:


To set an advert, enter the hashtag you want to advert to appear in, and add your advert line. You can also add a web link, if people click the link they will be redirected to that URL:


Adverts Analytics

Once an advert is operating, you will see a “Analytics Available” link to the right. Click it to view the advert analytics data:


Note that it may take time until proper analytics  are collected. Also note that TagPredict Adverts are presented only to TagPredict users.


If you wonder where the TagPredict adverts are presented, open your browser, and search in Google for a hashtag that you defined an advertisement for. Now mouse hover over the hashtag, and wait for the TagPredict popup window. Once this is shown, pay attention to the bottom line in it – it should include your advert. If it does not – it means that other people are also advertising to the same hashtag:


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