The Absence of Technology

The Absence of Technology

Although I was driving house a person evening, I was stopped at a visitors light and started to think about what existence would be like without having the lots of digital conveniences we love.  Hmm…

As a Floridian, we are accustomed to losing electricity thanks to tropical storms and hurricanes, which tends to annoy us by residing without having these types of things as air conditioning and television, as effectively as the decline of food stuff managed in the refrigerator.  Universities near in these types of cases and are typically converted to shelters.  Other than this, existence mainly goes on as usual, but what if it turned into a lasting situation?  What if some type of digital virus infiltrated all of our desktops, phones, and other digital gadgetry, and somehow shut them all done?  

Our very first concern would be irrespective of whether our military could continue to protect our region proficiently, that our hospitals could adequately perform, and that we could feed the populace adequately.  It would be like the premise employed in the movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Nonetheless,” apart from it would be for an prolonged period of time of time.  Assuming we could accommodate these cases nevertheless, what would existence be like without having electronics?

For starters, you may feel that car visitors would snarl up as all of our visitors lights would be out of fee.  Inevitably, visitors cops would have to be dispatched to essential intersections and we would actually get some smart visitors control in position (superior than the preprogrammed lights).  For minor intersections, we would have to start off training simple driving courtesy yet again and, God forbid, cooperate with and regard other motorists.  I suspect visitors incidents and fatalities would actually go down.

So considerably, so fantastic.

If televisions and desktops ended up knocked out, folks would be forced to read, compose and communicate yet again.  Little ones would have to appear out of their caves and into the sunlight, decide up a ball and get a minor workout and socialize.  We would all even now be craving some form of amusement and, due to the fact of this, you may see a lot more picnics, concerts in the park, and other civic features.  Attendance at university features, these types of as the PTA and SAC, would be stimulated, and moms and dads would turn out to be actively concerned in the welfare of their youngsters yet again.  Participation in other nonprofit teams would undoubtedly prosper as effectively.  Essentially, our socialization competencies would boost and we would turn out to be a lot more mindful of our civic responsibilities.

As described, food stuff would be a dilemma we would have to learn to shop a lot more commonly and get ready meals in a different way, and we would have to learn the lost artwork of baking and cooking.  No question, we would miss out on all of people very wholesome microwave meals and snacks.  “What, no a lot more Very hot Pockets??!”

We would turn out to be more healthy as we would have a lot more time for workout and perform games like tennis, golf, softball, or regardless of what without having Wii.  This need to result in overall health insurance prices to go down.

Since desktops would be out of fee, the unemployment level would go down due to the fact we would require a lot more clerical folks for these types of things as submitting, typing, making ready graphics, processing orders, and many others.

Our individual credit card debt would most likely go away as we would be unable to procedure credit score playing cards and, as these types of, we would be wiser in the use of our income.

Our sexual intercourse life would boost as evidenced by the electricity outages of New York.  The only draw back is it would most likely consequence in a populace explosion if we will not adequately endorse beginning control.

Thanks to a change in our diet plan and getting to be forced to boost our socialization competencies, probably we can at last get folks off of drugs like Prozac, Xanax, and Valium.

And at last, the price tag of residing would go down as we are no more time getting to pay for all of the digital luxuries we are accustomed to.

All of this illustrates our addiction to electronics and their manipulative powers.  Daily life would be less expensive, a lot more wholesome, and maybe a lot more industrious, but it would undoubtedly not be as quickly-paced or difficult than what we are acquainted with, but then yet again, would this be a dilemma?

Probably the rallying cry would be a variation of John Lennon’s track, “Visualize” –

“Visualize no mobile phones, it’s uncomplicated if you test, no PC’s or TV’s, earlier mentioned us, only sky.
Visualize all the folks, residing existence in peace.”

Indeed sir, the very best matter that could transpire to this region is to have a virus that knocked out our technology…

Then the light changed, I snapped out of it, and drove house.

Preserve the faith!

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