Three digital marketing strategies that work

Three digital marketing strategies that work

The advancements in digital technology haveenabled the role of a digital marketing specialist more vital to the development of modern marketing strategies. The market is awash with robust data which marketers could leverage to further enhance the decision-making process.

Effective digital marketing strategies are smarter and require evidence to complement market activities and enhance competitiveness for businesses. Although there’s no single fix-all strategy that covers everything, here are three of the best digital marketing strategies that work.

Content strategy: Always check and update your SEO more frequently

In 2017, 48% of 1,200 global digital marketers agreed that on-page SEO is still considered the most effective SEO tactic for digital marketing, according to the SEO stats report by Advanced Web Ranking.

Having relevant and informative content drives traffic to your website and social media pages, at the same time increasing your ranking in search engines such as Google.

Recent studies have shown that marketers who actively blog are 13 times more likely to see positive returns on investment while companies generate 67% more leads than those who don’t.

Each new post created is an added indexed page on your website, making it more accessible to customers when searching online. It also tells search engines that your website is active and lets your content compete for ranking in search engine results.

Another study found that blogging also gives voice to brands according to91% of consumers who say they are more likely to buy an authentic brand rather than a generic one.

Customer experience strategy: Opening the gateway for more customers

Technology has always been the frontrunner behind progress and growth in the market and its role in amplifying customer service to improve customer experience and develop customer loyalty.

In this digital age, smart analytics systems can profile a customer through buying patterns, social media activities, interests, online searches, food patterns and spending habits, just to name a few.

Communicating with clarity and credibility to your market audience with the right context influences customer activities. Every marketer from digital marketing companies Virginia or anywhere else know that their customers’ behavior in markets have changed significantly during the last decade where the emphasis on customer experience has become a major focus for digital marketing strategies.

Mobile strategy: Never underestimate the power of mobile ads, e-commerceand social media

Consumers expect dynamic compatibility across platforms and better accessibility to influence their online habits.

The 2017 Cross-Platform Future in Focus report by web intelligence group comScore found that the average American over 18-years-old spends 2.85 hourson their smartphones every day.

That number steadily increased year after year and consumers are becoming increasingly dependent on their mobile devices.

The pervasiveness, portability,and proximity of mobile devices enable it to become a powerful tool for marketers to understand and analyze customer behavior. This provides digital marketers the opportunity to respond to needs, feelings, expectations, and goals of their target audience with a customized experience.

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