Types Of Computer Virus

Types Of Computer Virus

Computer system virus can infect any computer and can cause critical destruction to it. Installing an up-to-date antivirus method is the greatest way to shield your computer versus viruses. There are various types of computer viruses prevailing in the World wide web and computers all around. Computer viruses distribute over a network by infecting networking file method or file method that is accessed by another computer.

Basic Virus

Basic virus targets method file and it executes by itself when you operate that method. This virus attaches by itself to other plans instantly.

Encrypted Virus

Antivirus software program can simply keep track of most of the computer viruses. Encrypted virus is the virus, which could not be trapped by antivirus software program owing to its encrypted code.

Polymorphic Virus

Developer of polymorphic virus encrypts the virus signature, which would make it more tricky for antivirus to detect the virus. Polymorphic virus could only be detected by distinctive codes composed particularly for polymorphic virus.

Macro Virus

Macro Virus as its identify implies is a mini-method that runs inside other method. Generally, Macro viruses are scripts that are specially composed to infect the computer. They can distribute promptly simply because they infect popular application utilised in day-to-day computing routines.

Trojan horse

Trojan horse is a type of virus, which is embedded in an application or software program, and installs by itself on your computer along with set up of that method.


Worms are self replicating and can distribute in quite a few computers linked in a network. To shield your Computer system from worm you need software program with antivirus and firewall.

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