Use Light Pace to Locate Your Server

Use Light Pace to Locate Your Server

Instruments to Locate Your Server

The great information is you do not will need a super accurate test, as a substitute, a relatively accurate option is easily offered. All you will need is a small comprehending of the velocity of light and optical fiber! Essential parts of details:

one. Light travels at roughly 186,000 miles per 2nd or 186 miles per millisecond in a vacuum.
2. Fiber has a refractive index of all around one.46.
three. The modern-day “Internet” is fiber when working with long distances.

In scenario you have not seen, these are not exact calculations.

The next stage in your mastering system is to have an understanding of a “ping” test. You likely have the “ping” tool on your computer previously. “Ping” is a straightforward program employed to test network connectivity and overall performance. It will mail a test packet of details out to a specified area or IP and time how long it normally takes for that area or IP to reply. It will report that back again to you in “milliseconds.” We have instructions if you have hardly ever employed this just before.


Right after you have done the ping assessments, just take the the resultant milliseconds and multiply it by the velocity of light in fiber. This will give you the round journey mileage. Divide by two for the just one way distance:

Taken from the typical final result of the Linux case in point from previously mentioned for a ping from Newark, Delaware to Los Angeles, California

77.2 Milliseconds * 186 miles per millisecond / one.46 refractive index = 9835 miles round journey or 4918 just one way.

Wait a millisecond, traveling from Newark, DE to Los Angeles, CA is not virtually 5000 miles! Straight line distance is about 2,350 miles. The shortest distance by auto from Google is 2700 miles. In this scenario, for the reason that we have a great plan of what metropolitan areas the actual physical route goes by way of, it is about three,200 miles. So what gives?

Other Variables

There are a bunch of outside things that impact the “distance”:

one. The test packet have to be encoded and decoded by your computer and the goal computer.
2. Gear like switches and routers (try a “trace route“) have to interact with your packet to get it to it’s vacation spot.
three. Not all of the route will be in excess of fiber. Most of it will be, but sure components such as your possess Internet link, will not be.
4. Lifestyle is not ideal.

Try It By yourself

On the other hand, this is a reasonable way to look at “distances” to track down your server site. Try it out on unique web-sites and look at it to to our East Coast details middle (suburban Washington, D.C.) and our West Coast details middle (Los Angeles, California). Ping the pursuing to see the variance:

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