Website Evaluation

Website Evaluation


Retail corporations ordinarily promote and distribute products to customers at unique spots. Not too long ago, advancement in technology has led to the advancement of on the web retail corporations. These are corporations that use the internet to promote their commodities and also enable customers ask for the commodities that they would like distributed to them. RockCreek is a person of these corporations and is centered out in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It deals with camping, hiking climbing, paddling, and so on. The corporation owns a website that assists it and its shoppers to entry each other quick and offer you powerful providers. The company’s website has some strengths that enable it to compete actively with those corporations that offer you the products in the market. This paper will look for to review the strengths, weaknesses, options, and threats that the corporation is suffering from.


The overall performance of the on the web business in relation to organizations that offer you very similar items is quite significant. This can be attributed to many areas in the business. RockCreek has been ready to personalize its web-site to all its shoppers and this has pushed it a step forward. Clients are capable of developing their very own accounts whereby they are demanded to provide their e-mails and passwords. The account allows the consumer to attain entry to all the functions of the website. When a consumer produces an account, he or she is capable of submitting a comment to the corporation. The comment could be the excellent of the merchandise that the corporation is supplying or any other basic comment that the consumer could deem healthy for the corporation. These reviews enable the management to strengthen the excellent of both the items and the providers that the corporation delivers to its shoppers. Improving upon the excellent of the items and the providers will help the corporation in competing with corporations that offer you very similar items and providers. All over again, when the excellent of the merchandise is enhanced, much more shoppers will favor the company’s items than items from other corporations. Persons who have accounts are also capable of providing their tips to the corporation which once more will help the corporation and the consumer. Recommendations could include a new design that suits the shoppers much more than the offered design. The consumer could also suggest the corporation to make some advancements on its distribution if he or she feels that the corporation is having far too very long to distribute its items to him or her. This way, the management attempts to appear for means that can be used to enable in conference the consumer needs and keep the consumer. Recommendations of unique varieties of items that the shoppers could involve will help the corporation stock commodities from unique manufacturers that provides the consumer a checklist of commodities to pick out from (Ralph, 2002: p.1).

A would like checklist will help the corporation know the commodities that a consumer desires to fulfill when he or she is browsing with the corporation. This will help the corporation stock all these commodities and this way, the shoppers will constantly have all their demands fulfilled any time that they would like to shop with the corporation. The individual account has been extremely valuable to shoppers considering that any consumer be it an particular person or an group who has produced an buy from the corporation is capable of monitoring the development of the buy. Tracking ahs served shoppers to develop self confidence with the corporation and it has also served them make their options for the commodities considering that they are certain that they will obtain the commodities. Tracking of orders also will help the consumer to remind the corporation of the situations that they require their buy and this will help the corporation to conveniently plan for the transportation of the buy.

The account that a consumer produces will help him or her to shop billing and shipping and delivery facts in the account. This will make it extremely simple for both the consumer and the corporation to finalize a transaction. It also will increase the speed at which the transaction is finalized due to the fact most of the facts that are demanded for the transaction are currently offered. An advantage of developing a individual account is that no other person can entry the facts in the account other than the consumer and the corporation exactly where the consumer forwards the facts. The corporation has a privateness coverage that strictly hinders the release of an individual’s facts in circumstance the particular person visits the website (Andy & Josiah, 2008: p.1). The corporation is also well acknowledged in the nearby area and most of the persons would go for their browsing with the corporation for the fantastic name it has designed. The manufacturer of the corporation is well regarded and this is for the items and the providers that the corporation delivers to its shoppers. The shipping and delivery possibilities that the corporation delivers to its shoppers will help catch the attention of extremely several shoppers both regionally and nationally. A individual account will help a consumer save a ton of time that could have been wasted in queuing considering that the consumer only needs to open his or her account and location the buy. The company’s website will make it extremely simple for the shoppers to navigate and lookup for items by use of the drop down menus. Other functions that the persons with accounts entry include an on the web tackle e book that is quite effortless, the heritage of the orders that a person has been making, and so on. the website is also built in a way that its look will constantly make an particular person to continue to be for a longer time. The homepage also has some cost-free giveaways that are quite appealing to the consumer. This in flip will make the consumer aware of the items that the corporation has for shoppers. The homepage also is made up of communication facts exactly where the shoppers who pay a visit to the website are informed of the impending nearby and countrywide events they can also perspective announcements and news on the exact website page.

Weak spot

The corporation also faces some downfalls it is greatly challenged by its opponents. The quantity of dollars that is spent in producing the website is far too much in comparison to the quantity that the web-site brings again. There also lacks some commodities that can be put in the website that can give gains again conveniently. Absence of countrywide internet marketing greatly reduces the variety of shoppers for the corporation. Most of the persons in the nation have no desire in the corporation considering that the corporation does not offer with them on a frequent foundation. Persons are also not aware of the items and providers that the corporation delivers. The lookup motor that is offered for the shoppers is at situations not extremely powerful specially when searching for some distinct items these types of as the tents. A person of the effects of the ineffective lookup motor is that the shoppers will not get the facts that they wanted about the commodities. It could also lead to frustrations considering that the consumer has spent some dollars in searching for some facts that could not be accessed (Ralph, 2002: p.1). All over again, when shoppers are unaware of the facts about a commodity they will tend to appear for the facts in some other spots which potential customers to loss of shoppers. If some commodities are in the shop ready to be picked, the website does not show the availability of the facts about these types of commodities. Any consumer who visits the website when these types of items are in shop could be deceived that the commodities are not offered in the corporation and will as a result go wanting for the commodity in other spots. Use of the internet is a downside to those who do not have the knowledge of the internet. Use of the website hence hinders these types of persons from accessing facts about the commodities that the corporation delivers.


As a result of the use of the website, the corporation stands a better possibility of maximizing its development and its providers to shoppers. The recent advancement in technology potential customers to improvements that can enable in maximizing the website. Improvements in the internet are exactly where the fiber optical cable is used in location of the satellite will make the transfer of facts simple and quick. Technology has also led to the advancement of moveable gadgets that can be carried in unique spots these types of as laptops and palmtops and modems which enable a person entry the internet wherever they would like. This means that a consumer can location his or her buy at any time and in any location he or she needs. This is important for the corporation due to the fact it will attain much more shoppers thanks to simple and quick entry of the internet. The website has an chance to enhance the system of marketing in that several shoppers can now entry the internet at a more affordable level and a person that is quicker. This is important due to the fact the corporation needs to serve its shoppers quick and in the specified situations. This will also improve consumer satisfaction and attraction of other shoppers. Clients can make their orders from any location and at any time due to the fact the consumer needs to location his or her buy in the website. The consumer also does not require to pay a visit to the corporation in buy to confirm the proceedings of the buy but can keep track of it on the website as very long as the consumer is registered with the website. The website when well used can enable the corporation fully grasp the needs of the shoppers (Mark, 2009: p.1).

An encouragement to the shoppers to checklist most of the commodities they are interested in in the website will enable in achieving this. When the customers’ needs are fulfilled, the shoppers will tend to be interested in obtaining much more and much more from the corporation and they may well also refer some of their pals to the corporation considering that they have self confidence in it. This will help keep shoppers and convey in new shoppers. The website has options of maximizing the way that it offers the providers to its shoppers. Much better providers to shoppers means orders are processed in the specified time and commodities are shipped in fantastic time. This will enable in making have confidence in in the shoppers and sooner or later lead to much more orders from the shoppers. The corporation also has an chance to enhance the full customer’s encounter as a result of the supply of personalised net internet pages and providers, selection, availability, cost-free on-time shipping and delivery and most affordable costs attainable. This will make it a lot easier for the consumer working with the website and will make him or her feel cost-free when he or she is organizing to make orders. The corporation can develop extensively thanks to the development of the use of the internet. The development will improve the gains of the corporation. Some of the offered functions can be used in conjunction with the new functions so as to reduce expenditures and improve gains.


The corporation is experiencing some threats that require to be dealt with so as to continue on serving its shoppers to the utmost. The website is at present experiencing limited competition from web sites these types of as,,, and These are corporations that provide the exact commodities to the shoppers and use the website for their retail. These are web sites that are rising and as a result pose a chance of competing for shoppers. The website is also paying out a ton of dollars in internet marketing for its items and in integrating new technology. This is dollars that the corporation is not certain no matter whether it will get well in the present-day environment of competition. Some of the shoppers are constantly worried of the privateness of the facts that they set on the website. The issue of on the web fraud is a further important issue that could hinder persons from registering with the website. These persons feel that the facts of their individual facts could be accessed by some ineffective persons or their dollars could be missing in the system. Another risk is the probability of hackers (Mark, 2009: p.1). These are persons who wipe out the program of a corporation with a bad intention or for the entertaining of it. Hackers make the program to crash whereby the program cannot function any further not unless of course formatting is accomplished and the application is set up at the time much more. The time required to set up the application could lead to the loss of several shoppers considering that the shoppers are not aware of the issue that they could be experiencing in the website. The governing administration could create legislations in the upcoming that could not favor on the web retailing. This would mean that all the dollars that the corporation has spent in producing and keeping the website is missing.


A SWOT evaluation of an on the web retail corporation will help the corporation know its strengths, weaknesses, options and threats. The strengths of RockCreek enable it know the potent points that it has versus its opponents. A person of its potent points is the development of a individual account that will help shoppers have entry to all the good functions of the web-site. The weaknesses include those spots that the website is weak in, in relation to other opponents. The options are the spots exactly where the corporation has possibilities for advancement. The threats recognize all the areas that pose good dangers to the corporation specially exactly where competing corporations are anxious. The SWOT evaluation can enable a corporation decide the techniques that it will just take so as to keep its aggressive advantage.


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