Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Z520 Laptop – Delivers a wide-range of features

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Z520 Laptop – Delivers a wide-range of features

Dell is a well-known innovator in the world of laptops, desktops and other computer accessories.  

Dell has launched a new laptop — Inspiron Mini 10 incorporated with Intel Atom Z520 Processor that allows users to stay connected in style.  It boasts a bright 10.1-inch display that is able to present web sites without a lot of left-right scrolling, and a keyboard that is large and easy to navigate. This Mini 10 laptop is a compact, easy-to-carry Internet companion that is ideal for teens and “Tweeters” to surf the web, stream video and audio content, upload on-the-go photos to blogs or social networking sites and chat with friends. 

In Addition, this Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Z520 laptop has other features like a 160 GB hard drive, 1 GB of RAM, integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, three USB ports, 3-in-1 memory card reader, and a long battery life. With the integrated Bluetooth connectivity, users can communicate and synchronize with Bluetooth-enabled peripherals such as PDAs and cell phones as well as can use Bluetooth-enabled headsets for hands-free video chats. 

Moreover, it comes preinstalled with the Microsoft Windows XP Home operating system, which offers more experienced users an enhanced and innovative experience that incorporates Windows Live features like Windows Live Messenger for instant messaging and Windows Live Mail for consolidated email accounts on the desktop. Additionally, with Dell Remote Access users can find, use and share their digital world, even while they are away from home. They will have the ability to access files and devices in their home from anywhere with Internet access. 

In short, Dell has come out with one of the best laptops in its Mini-series.

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