Extending SharePoint Calendar

Extending SharePoint Calendar

SharePoint Calendar is a useful tool of sharing calendar within an organization. The calendar data is stored within a list, which can be synchronized with Outlook & Exchange server. Displaying the data stored in the events list is done with the OOB calendar webpart, which is a powerful webpart, but still lacks some key features. Among those feature are the following:

  • AJAX – Ever since Google released Gmail, AJAX became very popular technology for creating web UI. For example in Google Calendar the user can add an event in a similar way to the way it is done in Outlook – just mark the desired time frame and add the event.
  • Color – Many users whish to color different event types with different colors to find how important an event is without reading the event information.
  • Multiple Sources – Display multiple event lists in a single calendar.

The first place to look for SharePoint webparts is CodePlex. In CodePlex there are lots of good free & easy to use webpart. Since all the project on CodePlex are open source it’s easy to customize them to the specific organization needs. The main drawback of using CodePlex (and open source in general) is the lack of support. Open source is recommended only for organization with some internal programming capabilities.

The second place to look for webparts is Microsoft Office Marketplace, which offer variety of webparts from Microsoft official partners program. Of Course, unlike the open source, those webparts will cost money.

The last resort is SharePoint forums. There are many SharePoint forums & user groups around the web, which many people & vendors that will be happy to help you find the calendar webpart that fit your needs.

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