Google’s 200 Search Engine Position Aspects!

Google’s 200 Search Engine Position Aspects!

How did this list get began? Very well, apparently Mr Google, Matt Cutts, mentioned at PubCon a short while ago that there are over 200 variables in the Google algorithm. So the people at the WebmasterWorld set them selves a obstacle to list them all.

Here is what has been bundled so much:


  • Age of area
  • Background of area
  • Keywords and phrases in area identify
  • IP address of area
  • Place of IP address / Server


  • HTML framework
  • Use of Headers tags
  • URL route
  • Use of external CSS / JavaScript information

Written content

  • Key phrase density of webpage
  • Keywords and phrases in Title Tag
  • Keywords and phrases in Meta Description (Not Meta Keywords and phrases)
  • Keywords and phrases in header tags (H1, H2 etc)
  • Keywords and phrases in system text
  • Freshness of content

For each Inbound Connection

  • Quality of website inbound linking
  • Quality of website webpage inbound linking
  • Age of site
  • Age of website webpage
  • Relevancy of page’s content
  • Place of website link (Footer, Navigation, Overall body text)
  • Anchor text of website link
  • Title attribute of website link
  • ALT tag of pictures linking
  • Country particular leading level area
  • Authority of leading level area (.edu, .gov)
  • Place of server
  • Authority back links (CNN, BBC, etc)

Cluster of Backlinks

  • Uniqueness of course C IP address

Internal Cross Linking

  • Range of interior back links to webpage
  • Place of website link on webpage
  • Anchor text of To start with text website link


  • More than optimisation
  • Paying for back links
  • Offering back links
  • Remark spamming
  • Cloaking
  • Concealed text
  • Duplicate content
  • Key phrase stuffing
  • Handbook penalties


  • JavaScript back links
  • No follow back links


  • Overall performance / Load of a site
  • Velocity of Javascript


  • XML Sitemap (Aids the crawler but does not help rankings)
  • PageRank (Normal indicator of page’s performance)

Far more posts

So, if you’re new to SEO this is a fantastic checklist to get you began. What variables have been skipped? Truly feel cost-free to insert to the list in our opinions part under.

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