Shell Megapack : Shell Browser Elements & Controls for Mfc, Vb, .net, C#,, C++, Delphi ,vba

Shell Megapack : Shell Browser Elements & Controls for Mfc, Vb, .net, C#,, C++, Delphi ,vba

Initial Write-up


Shell MegaPack is a established of UI controls which presents drop-in Home windows Explorer-like shell searching functionality to your apps.

Elements of Shell MegaPack

Shell MegaPack is composed of the pursuing parts and controls :

FolderView Command

The FolderView command is a shell treeview command which shows a hierarchical display of folders on the computer equivalent to Home windows Explorer. It is meant to exchange the the uncomfortable APIs and controls identified in quite a few programming languages. It is an exceptional substitute for the SHBrowseForFolder API if you are applying pure Home windows API programming. Visual Standard developers can use it in its place of the DirListBox command. For .Internet programmers applying C#, VB.Internet or Managed C++ to developer Home windows Types apps, it is an exceptional substitute for the FolderBrowserDialog, which is absolutely nothing but a managed wrapper around the SHBrowseForFolder API function. A lot of developers whip up a swift repair directorypicker or a browsefolderdialog or a FolderTree command which does not even display the proper icons for the folders. Attempting to insert just about anything additional difficult than a very simple hierarchical display of folders benefits in a swift increase in the time needed for enhancement. Incorporating innovative features this sort of as renaming, context menus, dragdrop, infotips grow to be infeasible both equally in terms of price and time. FolderView command is a excellent option for developers in this sort of a scenario.

FileView Command

FileView command mimics the left hand aspect listview of Home windows Explorer. It shows the data files and folders on the procedure in Thumbnail Check out, Particulars Check out or GroupView as effectively as the ordinary checklist and large icon views. It features innovative functionality like product filtering, context menus, dragdrop, infotips, custom columns and custom merchandise. It can be employed as a substitute for the FileListBox or the Microsoft Frequent Dialog controls in VB. For Visual C++ MFC programmers, it can be employed in area of the CFileDialog and C#, Visual Standard.Internet and MC++ WinForms developers can use it as a substitute for the FileDialog .Internet part.

ShComboBox Command

The ShComboBox Command allows you to insert a Home windows-Explorer-like generate-selection combobox to your application, demonstrating all the drives, folders and even data files precisely as Home windows Explorer does. VB programmers can use it in its place of the DriveListBox command. There is really no substitute for ShComboBox in either MFC or .Internet.


ShellObjects is a assortment of parts and controls which carry many shell functionality to your apps:

ShellPopupNotification command

This command allows you to display MSN and business 2003 design popup notifications from your application. A number of popups can be displayed at after and the popups can be manually or quickly positioned according to your setting. Each individual shellpopup notification window appears like a balloon which can be employed to notify the user of many functions that manifest in your application. The overall look, structure and contents of the popup can be wholly controlled.

ShellNotifyIcon command

This command allows you to insert icons in the shell’s procedure tray notification space. It is an innovative substitute for the NotifyIcon part that will come with .Internet or the CTrayIcon that is existing in MFC. It has features like multiple photographs which can be employed for animation or for indicating different states of your application, automated popup context menus and balloon infotip kinds.

ShellLink and URLLink

These parts allow you to quickly produce, browse and manipulate shortcut (shelllink – *.lnk) data files or internet shortcut (*.url) from your apps.

Flavors of Shell MegaPack

Shell MegaPack ActiveX

The ActiveX controls are appropriate with a broad assortment of programming languages and building environments. They can be employed in Visual Standard, Visual C++, Borland Delphi, Borland C++ Builder, Office environment VBA apps, HTML or ASP webpages, dBase, Magic eDeveloper and Visual Interdev.

Shell MegaPack.Internet

The .Internet controls are appropriate with Visual Studio.Internet 2002, Visual Studio.Internet 2003, Visual Studio.Internet 2005 Beta two, SharpDevelop and Borland Delphi.Internet. They can be used in all .Internet languages which include C#, VB.Internet, Managed C++ and J#.

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