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Additionally, we have to use far more technology centered cropping method to raise productiveness for every device land. Horizontal growth is not possible. Embargo on indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other farm-use-agents is one more constraint to raise productiveness of food grain. However our food grain-manufacturing rate has declined. Growth rate of 1-two% has put pressures on our economic climate. Imports of food grains, an anomaly over past 10 years, requires problem-bring about-evaluation. The total method of Nationwide Agricultural Exploration, extension and discipline functionaries have registered a fatigue. Similarly, the land degradation, mineral depletion and environmental pollution calls for new mechanism to increase productiveness.
“Point out Agriculture Management and Extension Instruction Institute  might assist to make adjustments in our farming method so as to integrate agriculture, aquaculture, water conservation and livestock rearing with new technology driven profit earning enterprises. This requires a ongoing and farmer welcoming insurance policies of sustainable agriculture. Technology awareness and software is will have to to produce far more device of land. We do have a probability as our yields are reduced than numerous nations around the world and even our neighbouring states of India,” mentioned a team of well-informed human being of Kashmir valley.
Natural farming is advocated as fashionable technology. We left our classic organic and natural farming for adopting chemical farming, which landed us in difficulties. This rotation of modernity and traditionalist taxed us seriously. We perhaps jumped in adopting or testing technologies without having comparing them with our possess practices. Now reverting again to our possess classic strategies is fraught with complications much too. The concerns normally requested are, can we maintain or even preserve our productiveness amounts by restoring to the organic and natural farming? The Mixing of fashionable technology of now and classic technology of yester many years might solution this question. Can information and facts and interaction abilities and technology bridge a new union?
Data AND Communication
The present working day information and facts and interaction technology has trespassed all barriers of race, religion, culture and nations around the world. A Extensive research of 23 overview papers and a dozen guide and journals were offered by the creator in 2005. How interaction and information and facts can assist manufacturing and maintain yields stands discussed in detail. Strong warning devices for climate risks, floods and cyclones, pests and mites could assist to elevate far more crops. Farming informatics and awareness offers via print, mass and now E-mails is possible. The purpose of aggressive farming, financial survey and analysis of farming and women’s integration requires focus. Women of all ages, the half of agricultural work drive, are continue to unaware of the technological abilities. The barriers of customs, veil, religion and social bondages could be prevail over by educating them via Tv set, cassettes, e-mails or other fashionable interaction appliances.
Know-how TRANFER
Know-how transfer is uncomplicated. We can announce technology practices or even show them. The key concern is its adoption. India with twenty five% of its GDP from agriculture spends some two% of the identical on its subsidies rather than on transfer of technology. Mixing subsides with agricultural exports will will need a drastic reduce under new WTO agreements. The worldwide market entry option limit of 3% import shall even more complicate the concerns. The worldwide benchmarks of sanitation shall will need far more awareness at farmer’s doorway. Our Agricultural exports from  agricultural items has been up and now we export all over eighteen.45% agricultural very good in the condition of apiculture, floriculture, refreshing fruits, mushroom, spices, sugar, molasses, rice, tropical fruit juices, pulp, concentrates and even agro-chemical compounds. Fruit, nuts and greens have amplified our export earnings. Our limitations in growing our exports are infrastructure to give worldwide bio-secure packaging, phyto sanitation & quarantine measures. Our yields much too are low to entire with other people. As a result, transfer to technology has not to be restricted to person solutions, publication, leaflets, folders, bulletins, newsletters, journals, magazine, newspaper publication, rural farm broadcasts or tv interviews but has to be supplemented with video clip conferencing, significant awareness strategies via video clip cassettes, cable web is effective and other neighborhood farm telecasts. The propaganda, publicity and persuasion has to be provided with interaction abilities like rural journalism, well-liked participation, inspiration and far more so via administration of information and facts devices. The farm visits, farmers phone calls, letters have to be intensified. Farmers will need information and facts on marketplaces, bio benchmarks and marketing and advertising study and networking mechanisms.
Apple is an important principal crop of J&K Point out. The condition developed 10414017 MT of apples from 100702 ha of orchard place for the duration of yr 2005-2006. The condition contributes fifty seven% of nationwide manufacturing of apples, even though as Himachal Pradesh contributes 24% in spite of obtaining received appreciable governmental focus. The condition produces early, mid and late year cultivation of apple. The professional apple versions are Purple Scrumptious, Golden Scrumptious, Ambri, White Dotted Purple, Royal mouth watering Kulu Scrumptious, Hazratbali, Benoni.
Publish HARVEST Know-how
Publish harvest handling of apple encapsulated numerous administration choices and procedures that are associated in harvesting, handling, storage, packing and transport of apple fruit necessary to give client with an acceptable and merchandise. The features of apple which identify its acceptance in market area are sizing, condition, colour, texture, flavour, juiciness, liberty from blemishes and bruises. A good export oriented packaging, sanitary analysis and eco-welcoming shall enhance its client acceptability under WTO routine.

As regards walnut, it might be mentioned that it is an important nut crop grown in the condition of J&K. The condition produces 86263 tonnes of walnut from an place of 61723 hectares with the productiveness of 1.39 tonnes/ha and has monopoly in the export to numerous nations around the world of the earth. Walnut cultivation is common in Badarwah, Poonch, Kupwara, Baramulla, Bandipora, Ganderbal, Budgam, Srinagar, Anantnag and other hilly locations of J&K. Walnut are eaten as luxurious treats as nicely as commercially employed for preparation of bakery items, sweets, ice product, ornaments, oils, confectionery and salad items. Shells are sued in glue and plastics and for building answers for cleansing and sprucing surfaces.

But there are constraints in walnut trade, which will need to be addressed.

  • These involve awareness of maturity indices, system of harvesting and non-scientific de-hulling. Apart from there are put up harvest bottlenecks these as improper storage, drying, grading practices at farm stage. Lack of awareness about sanitary disorders to take care of nuts and absence of integrated handling method to regulate the nuts. Non-adoption of worldwide benchmarks of grades and absence of processing/storage services/orchard administration.

    Pertinent to point out that cherry is one more important fruit crop of the valley, which is being promoted outside the condition. In Kashmir cherry is the first fruit crop which arrives to the market and fetches very good prices. The good quality of fruit is very good in neat climate. Cherries after harvest is to be pre-cooled, saved packed and carried under refrigerated disorders to the terminal market. The fruit transport under refrigerated problem stays wholesome for a longer time period, in contrast to the fruits saved under ambient disorders. Storage, packaging, transport and preservation are desired at neighborhood stage.
    For export of horticulture produce, we have to integrate manufacturing pursuits with put up harvest administration. Infrastructural services for Pre-cooling, packaging, grading, processing facilities, refrigerated vans, chilly storage, cargo handling facility at airport, laboratories for pesticide residue evaluation, very good highway connectivity, market promotion via IT community, credit facility for exporters and awareness programmes are vital stipulations for export of horticultural produce from the condition.

    “Significant complications in Horticulture being lousy good quality planting components & its inspection mechanization. Minimal sickness diagnostic appliances and lousy orchard administration. Minimal funds-modest farmer-holdings and lousy technological applications. Apart from lousy put up-harvest handling, industrial base and lousy good quality regulate measures and laboratories. Marketing and advertising community modernization and lousy databases and digital use. Hence new selections these as germplasm base, evaluation, selection of components throughout the condition are desired. Apart from standardization of rootstock for all important crops, enhancement of horticultural cropping devices for all districts and certification and good quality regulate laboratories will need focus,” say folks related with horticulture trade.

Horticulture sector

As mentioned before, the main contributor to J&K’s Gross Domestic merchandise is horticulture and horticultural worldwide market share for India is all over 15%. We dominate marketplaces in Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal and Bangladesh. Our share is fairly much less in nations around the world like Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Israel, Kuwait, Pakistan, Oman and Brunei. But with boosting trade in SAARC nations around the world, we might have far more chances of growth in domestic Asian marketplaces. As a result a have confidence in toward horticultural export orientation is linked with peace and union among SAARC nations around the world. We share cultural, spiritual and food behaviors, thus our items could be most well-liked over other people. This requires good put up-harvest and market-led extension and outreach method. Supplied good focus we might seize marketplaces of Japan, Hong Kong, China and other nations around the world much too. For far more aggressive enhancement of horticulture in J&K condition, there is will need to lay tension on the enhancement of marketing and advertising services, employment and earnings generation selections and environment of export promotion zones.

In buy to give increase to exports, thrust requires to be given to strawberry, mushroom and cumin seed, berries, wild fruits and indigenous greens. The neighborhood horticultural germplasm requires investigative and ground breaking projections. As neighborhood germplasm is nicely suited to our environment for it requires much less water. The new market selections for organic and natural fruits developed in J&K will need prioritization and certification under WTO regulation. Global bio safety measures, grading and packaging of accessible fruits, initiates for enhancement of new versions of fruits like kiwi fruit, wild apricot, black cherry, broccoli and mushroom are the recommended strategies for the enhancement of this sector. The selections for air transport, cargo from Leh, Srinagar and Jammu to facilities of consumption like Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai will need exploration. The agro-centered industrial set-ups applying low grade apple for juice, shampoo, bio fuels and use of accessible horticultural and floricultural wastes for marketable commodities as present packs, scents, ornamentals, dehydrated flowers, perfumes and bio-gas.

It is documented that Horticulture Setting up and Marketing and advertising J&K has founded Fruit and vegetable marketplaces in just the condition. The department is in the procedure of strengthening 3 most important functioning marketplaces of Nowpora (Sopore), Parimpora (Srinagar) and Narwal (Jammu). So considerably multipurpose grading, packing and auction sheds have been constructed at Nowpora Sopore. Even more 17 satellite marketplaces have been founded in just the condition. Current market information and facts company has been launched to collect and disseminate market intelligence via Internet connectivity in just and outside condition. It is even more documented that regular agricultural marketing and advertising information as Zariye Khabernama has been started off in Kashmir Doorway Darshan.

Pertinent to point out that most of the fruit crops are rain-fed, will need enhancement of irrigation facility in the variety of drip/sprinkler irrigation. Web page precise nutrient administration approach will need to be adopted to enhance and economize fertilizer use in fruit and vegetable crops.

Strategies will need to be advanced for the enhancement of charge efficient, eco-welcoming crop manufacturing and plant defense technologies free from all hazardous chemical compounds with minimal problems to soil, water, air, crops and animals. Apart from diversification of fruit cultivation, cultivation of dry fruits in rain-fed locations is will need of the hour. Use of neighborhood genotypes of wild fruits like nuts, berries and so on shall assist in a huge way.

“There is will need for the manufacturing of fruits, greens and flowers in off-year and creation of services for building off-year items thereof. Rejuvenation of unwell and unproductive horticulture models these as orchards, fruit nurseries and processing models and so on. Promotion and popularization of hybrid technology in greens and establishment of tissue culture laboratories and eco-friendly residences for mass multiplication of sickness free planting substance, tubers/corms and seeds. Degraded soils of the fruit crops exactly where crops are developing for decades thanks to soil erosion or in soil chemical improve, will need to be given focus to ameliorate it. Higher than all establishment of modernized fruits and greens processing/preservation models.  Infrastructure services are desired for put up harvest administration of horticulture market in J&K Point out,” suggest authorities.

Lack of specialized expertise, absence of soil-tested seeds, higher charge of fertilizers retard enhancement of Agriculture/ Horticulture

Hence folks urge Govt., to start Farmers’ awareness programme, give them backed fertilizers and irrigation-services to increase manufacturing in J&K

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