What is Technological Harassment?

What is Technological Harassment?

Technological harassment refers to the use of innovative technology to look at, keep track of and/or harass a man or woman from a length. The technology falls below the group of “non-deadly weapons” (NLWs) or “directed energy weapons” (DEWs).

Crude “non-deadly” weapons are obtainable on the internet and via textbooks.

See: Superior-Tech Harassment: How to Get Even with Any one At any time for an illustration of a very simple weapon.

See also:

Ultrasonic equipment
Revenge equipment
Sonic nausea

There is no doubt that extra innovative weapons are in use, having said that absence of media coverage results in the effect that these types of weapons do not exist.

There is a lot of evidence, having said that, that a terrific offer of income has been spent on the development of just these types of weapons (i.e. the U.S. “Star Wars” protection venture) .

What is identified about the technology is largely what is reported by the quickly rising quantity of victims, whose prevalent ordeals give an sign of what is attainable. What is attainable is far over and above anything that the normal public has had exposure to.

What do victims of Technological Harassment experience?

Not all victims experience both of those gang stalking and technological harassment, but the the vast majority do. Group-primarily based harassment includes some of the next:

* Crack-ins and small scale vandalism or sabotage
* Everyday, repetitive, antagonistic pursuits involving various stalkers and/or cars
* Numerous day-to-day cellular phone calls with no a single on the other stop of the cellular phone
* Noise harassment from neighbors

Below are extra examples:

Technological harassment can include:

* Continuous banging and tapping of walls and home windows
* Dizziness, weak spot
* Everyday headache
* Excessive tiredness
* Rigorous, disruptive ear ringing
* Buzzing or clicking in the head, ears or sinuses
* Jolts and jerks to muscles
* Belly discomfort/nausea
* Vibrating objects, these types of as mattress, chair or system
* Psychological confusion/inability to focus
* Inexplicable actions of anything mechanical including the Tv set, computer, automobile, and appliances (for illustration, Tv set turning on or off by itself)

In the upcoming part of this sequence of e-criminal offense articles, I will go over the fundamentals of electronic harassment equipment, with a look at to exposing all features of electronic harassment, surveillance, and countermeasures obtainable to these who are unfortunate more than enough to be targetted.

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