What Is Write-up Harvest Technology

What Is Write-up Harvest Technology

What is Write-up harvest Technology?

Write-up harvest technology will involve in harvesting, managing, storing, relocating the develop to decrease losses and to retain them fresh new up to the sector.

It’s of utmost critical to manage the freshness or to decrease the deterioration of merchandise from harvesting, marketing and to the time they are eaten.

The enhance in vegetable and fruit production don’t guarantee sufficient provide of excellent quality solution for customer to take in and the grower to provide, due to publish harvest losses.

The percentage losses in vegetable production is from 28 – 42% of the yearly production ( under Philippine issue) due to absence of publish harvest facilities and technology.

This is simply because the Philippines is still lagging driving in publish harvest systems as as opposed to the created nations.

Results in of Write-up harvest losses

1)  Technological – Write-up harvest losses addresses the adhering to causes…

  • Decay or rotting – Vegetable quickly decay or rot when not thoroughly handled, specifically the leafy types. Fruits past a minor for a longer period but they quickly rot as very well.
  • Yellowing – Yellowing largely transpires to leafy greens. For fruits yellowing is a indicator of ripening and later on decay.
  • Wilting – This is common to leafy greens.
  • Softening – Softening is largely common to fruits and some leafy crops.
  • Sprouting – Some root greens when stored for a longer period tends to sprout (e.g. carrots, potato, sweet potato, onion, garlic, etc.)

two)  Non-technological – Write-up harvest losses largely takes place when there is  absence in transportation and storage facilities triggering the hold off of the harvested merchandise.

Non-technological losses addresses the adhering to factors…

  • Transportation – Absence of transportation is a single component that leads to publish harvest losses. Before you undertaking into vegetable production you must give this incredibly critical machines in your precedence record.
  • Storage – Storage facilities performs a important function for a good results in vegetable endeavor. If transportation facilities is important, storage region is also critical. In truth, if I’m to determine, I would position this component as my range a single precedence.
  • Adverse weather issue – Altering weather issue drastically influences your cropping sample. Study the issue in your region, what unique crop or crops that thrives very best to a unique weather issue.
  • Inefficiency of distribution – If your distribution channel is inefficient crop damage will be severe. Therefore, make your tactic possible so that your solution could arrive at to the consumers fresh new.
  • Absence of sector desire – Take into account surveying the sector if the crop you will plant is wanted or in desire. This is a single component that leads to crop losses simply because no person buys your solution.

3)  Physiological damage – Crop damage is caused due to modifications in texture, taste and aroma.

4)  Mechanical damage – Crop losses due to tough and careless buying, packing, loading or unloading. The damage maybe in the kind of cuts, punctures, cracks, splits, modifications in varieties and condition or partial or totally separation of the outer covering.

5)  Insect damage – Damages caused by insect takes place at storage or instantly in the discipline prior to harvest. You have to handle quickly these insect located in the discipline prior to harvesting or in your storage region. Your storage area must be disinfected prior to positioning your harvested merchandise.

Foundation of Write-up harvest Technological know-how

1)  Vegetables are perishable in character – Even though they’re currently harvested and not in the soil any longer, they’re still living detail. They still bear all the organic processes linked with lifestyle.

When harvested, the intake of strength by respiration and manufacture food items by photosynthetic method is minimize and there is certainly no replacement for the missing reserves.

The quicker it respires, the quicker it rots. Superior stored foodstuff delayed rotting.

Vegetables contains eighty – 95 water. This is missing to the environment by transpiration specifically throughout dry and sizzling months.

two)  Variances in Morphology, Composition and Chemical Composition

The modifications is dependent on what morphological areas the vegetable is…

  • Leafy vegetable – The leaves wilt and flip yellow.
  • Fruit greens – Ripens eventually come to be around ripe.
  • Flower greens – The bouquets opens.
  • Modified stem – Generates new buds and sprouts.

Adjustments on structural distinctions of every single morphological parts…

  • Leafy greens – Have greater and extra stomata on higher and lower surface area, therefore have quicker respiration and transpiration.
  • Fruits, roots, tubers, and bulbs – Have reserve surface area places and several or no stomata but have several lenticels.

3)  Response of Vegetables to Natural environment – Respiration and transpiration of vegetable modifications in reaction to the environment…

  • Temperature – The most important environmental variables that influences the deterioration fee of greens. Lessen in temperature decreases respiration, transpirations, microbial pursuits and insect growth.
  • Relative humidity – The ratio or information of water vapor in the air.
  • Gases in the environment – Excellent information of air is 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and .03% Carbon dioxide.
  • Microorganisms and bugs – Vegetables serves as foodstuff for microorganisms and bugs. The extra we retain away greens from them, the for a longer period we can retain greens.

How to Cut down Vegetable Losses

1)    Start with excellent quality seeds or planting components – You have to appear into the characteristics of your stock in relation to its dimensions, condition, coloration, texture, bodyweight and nutrient information.

  • Affect of Environmental Condition – The quality of your vegetable at or following harvest is afflicted by temperature, light-weight, rainfall and other environmental variables.
  • Effects of Cultural Administration – You must start off your discipline preparing accurately proper. This includes seedbed preparing alongside with water management, weeding, fertilization, handle of pests and health conditions. If you neglect these cultural management tactics, the quality of your solution will be drastically afflicted.

two)    Prevent Physical Injury – Physical damages commences throughout harvesting up to sorting, cleaning, transportation from the discipline to the storage region and down to the sector.

Strictly observe the accurate approach of managing your solution to avoid physical damage at serious level.

3)    Control Environmental Variables – Employing lower temperature (Fridge) throughout transportation or storage and software of chemical to handle publish harvest decay is a single tactic to avoid crop damage.

You can implement the adhering to strategies…

  • Temperature management – Prevent significant temperature to lengthen the lifestyle span of your greens.

The use of refrigerator is the most helpful way of reducing temperature.

In the absence of Refrigerated facilities, you can implement the adhering to solutions to decrease crop losses…

1)    Harvest as early or as late in the working day as feasible.

two)    Prevent exposing greens to immediate daylight at anytime.

3)    Set sufficient air flow throughout transportation.

4)    Use white coloured canvass for covering greens.

5)    Vacation as early or at night if feasible.

  • Relative Humidity Administration – You have to enhance the relative humidity to eighty five%.

Procedures of rising Relative Humidity…

1)   Soaked the floor of the region exactly where greens are saved.

two)  Introduce a high-quality mist of water or steam into the ventilating admirer.

3)  In a small area retain open up containers crammed with water.

4)  Use evaporative cooling system.

  • Control of Gases in the Natural environment – Lessen in oxygen and enhance in carbon dioxide would make transportation and storage in lower temperature. The use of polyethylene bag allows the accumulation of carbon dioxide and depletion of oxygen inside the bag with several holes to let air flow. Ethylene use must be prevented besides exactly where ripening of fruits is associated.

How to Prevent Ethylene Influence

  • Guarantee excellent air flow to dilute the concentration of ethylene – Air flow is important throughout storage and transportation so that ethylene accumulation can be prevented.
  • Will not keep ripening fruits with fresh new greens in the identical area – Independent fruit greens from the leafy types. Ethylene is for ripening functions only. If it would mix with leafy greens the leaves gets yellowish – not any longer excellent or sector.
  • Good managing throughout transportation and storage must be practiced at all situations – Good managing usually means,you must implement the accurate storage and transportation technique to insure that the greens are harmless and free of charge from any damage.
  • Type merchandise and independent diseased and wounded greens – It is critical that you must independent the diseased and wounded merchandise. Kinds they’re not sorted, the inclination is the spread of the health conditions would influence the other that are in excellent disorders. Prevent maintaining greens in enclosed places exactly where there is smoke – You have to do away your merchandise in enclosed places exactly where there is certainly no air flow specifically when there is certainly smoke all over the region – this will influence the quality of the merchandise.

How to Cut down Microorganisms Multiplication

  • Make the container, car, area cleanse prior to positioning the merchandise – This is self explanatory, cleanse surroundings is usually the best position for storing anything at all.
  • Cope with greens carefully to avoid personal injury – Cautiously deal with your merchandise with treatment to avoid crop personal injury. Hurt places are the types exactly where bacteria or virus enters which could induce the deterioration of the merchandise.
  • Prevent sizzling and moist issue – Scorching and moist issue appeals to some deadly microorganisms which is there ideal  position to are living and multiply. You must make sure that the region is dry and there is a free of charge circulation of air all all over.
  • Type the merchandise and independent diseased greens – As I described in range 4 previously mentioned, you have to independent the diseased and wounded merchandise to avoid contamination to  the other crops that are excellent.
  • If greens are probable to be disinfected, use Alum or Lime – If you might be to keep or transportation your merchandise, it really is very best to disinfect them with Alum or Lime to lengthen their lifestyle span. This is largely applicable to leafy greens exactly where their shelf-lifestyle is only shorter.
  • Cure root and bulb crops prior to storage and transportation up to twenty – 35 °C – Curing your merchandise will increase their shelf-lifestyle specifically when you keep them for a for a longer period time or transporting in a extended distance.


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